Afghan Uprising Against Taliban Expands
    2012-08-25 20:26:27     Xinhua       Web Editor: Li

The uprising of villagers against Taliban harsh policies, which had been reported from Andar district of Ghazni province 125 km south of Afghan capital Kabul couple of months ago, has inflated as locals in Hisarak district of the eastern Nangarhar province and Jalai district of the southern Kandahar province have taken up arms against the militants, according to officials.

Scores of villagers, according to Hajji Abdul Khaliq, the governor of Hisarak district, Nangarhar province 120 km east of Kabul, took up arms on Thursday morning in support of security forces when a group of Taliban fighters attempted to storm the district headquarters' compound, and evicted militants from six villages.

He also stated that the villagers' uprising against Taliban outfit had left four villagers and 12 insurgents dead, warning that the militants would regain the villages if the government fails to support the locals.

Hisarak is a remote district in Nangarhar province in which the Taliban loyalists have been attacking government interests over the past couple of years. A month ago, the Taliban insurgents attacked the district governor's compound in a clash which saw several Afghan security personnel injured.

Spokesman for the 201 Selab military corps, Mohammad Noman Hatifi had also told the private Tolo television channel that the residents of Hisarak district took up arms against the local insurgents on Thursday morning, forcing them out of a number of villages.

According to Tolo television, locals of Jawand district of Badghis province 555 km northwest of Kabul have also taken arms against Taliban fighters today (Saturday) and so far some Taliban loyalists have been killed.

Meantime, a statement released by Kandahar provincial administration has confirmed local uprising against militants in Jalai district.

"The locals of Jalai district stood against Taliban militants on Wednesday afternoon and kicked them out from Sangysar, Kalak, Sablaghi and Siajoi villages without gun shots," the statement stated.

According to the statement, the locals armed with sticks have evicted Taliban militants from the mentioned villages without government forces' support.

It is said that the uprising began when the villagers opposed Taliban fighters to plant mines on a road in Jalai district.

However, the police chief of Jalai district, Masoom Khan confirmed the uprising, saying it commenced from Sangysar village Wednesday afternoon to disapprove Taliban harsh policies.

Taliban militants fighting the government have yet to make comment.

It was in June this year when a group of six students in Andar district of Ghazni province 125 km south of Kabul took up arms against Taliban fighters in the wake of closure of schools by Taliban insurgents in their area.

Supported by locals, the student uprising swelled soon as hundreds of locals joined them forcing the Taliban militants to retreat from several villages within weeks, allowing pupils to attend classes.

The leader of the uprising in Andar district is said to be Lutfullah Kamran, a clean-shaven man, who has been lashing at Taliban harsh policies imposed on villagers, saying the restriction imposed by Taliban had led to the closure of schools, clinics, bazaars and eventually led to jobless and extreme poverty in Andar district.

Meantime, Fazal Rahman Sabawon, spokesman for Ghazni's provincial administration, has said that uprising against Taliban has spread out to Gero and Deyak districts.

However, Zabiullah Mujahid, who claims to speak for the Taliban outfit in talks with media via telephone from an unknown location, has claimed those stood up against Taliban are pro-government militias.


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