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Mike Alibaba's First Day Trading a Massive Success
China's e-commerce giant Alibaba has raised 21.8 billion dollars after its first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchande.
US Hopes for Afghan Security Pact
The Obama administration is set to begin pressing for a bilateral security agreement with Afganistan now that a new unity government is being formed.
Poroshenko Defends Peace Plan
Ukraine's President is defending the new agreement worked out this weekend for a weapons-free buffer zone in eastern Ukraine.
Petro Poroshenko says the new deal should hold, provided three conditions are met.
Road Cave-in a 14th Time in Central China
A road in central China's Zhengzhou caved in for a shocking 14th time, local newspaper Dahe Daily said on Saturday. The latest cave-in accident caused a pit of two meters wide and a big empty hole can been seen underneath.
Yemen Government and Rebels Sign Peace Deal
The Yemeni government and Shia Houthi rebels have signed a peace deal following days of violence that left over 140 people dead.
Afghanistan Names New President
The Afghan election commission has named Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai as the country's next president.The announcement comes after Ahmadzai, the former finance minister, signed a deal to share power with his opponent.
Hong Kong Bust iPhone 6 Smuggling Boat Headed for the Mainland
Hong Kong customs and marine police have foiled a smuggling case involving new iPhones headed for the Chinese mainland. The iPhone 6 has become the most sought-after product among gadget fans, with the product's launch on the Chinese mainland still some days away.
English Premiere League: United Goes Down 5-3 to Newly-Promoted Leicester
Manchester United took a 5-3 thumping on Sunday against newly-promoted Leicester City, who earned an impressive comeback win. The match saw United's Robin Van Persie open scoring, with Angel Di Maria's goal putting United up 2-0 in the 16th minute.
Wangfujing St. of Beijing to Become the Second Hong Kong Central
Three major shopping centers are to be constructed on the northern, southern and centeral part of Beijing's most prominent shopping street, Wangfujing. The aim is to turn the popular street into the second Hong Kong central.
Overseas Cultural Relics Have a Hard Road Back to China
The Chinese government is calling for more international cooperation into the return of illegally exported cultural relics from China. Director General of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Li Xiaojie, says they're looking at three key ways of trying to regain overseas cultural relics.
Emma Watson Launches Equality Campaign for UN
Harry Potter star Emma Watson has launched an equality campaign called "HeForShe" at a United Nations conference aiming to get 100,000 men and boys involved in the fight to achieve gender equality.
Shaolin Temple Launches Chan Hall in C China's City
Songshan Shaolin Temple have Launched Chan Hall, a room for urbanites to practice meditation in Zhengdong New Area, Zhengzhou city, capital of Henan Province on Saturday, Chinanews.com reports.
72-yr-old Cancer Patient Takes National Judicial Examination
Lin Zude, at 72 years old, is persistent in taking the National Judicial Examination, which he did most recently on Sept 20, 2014. He has taken this exam for as many as 19 times.
iPhone 6 Sold at 1,600 USD in Beijing
iPhone's latest products iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were sold in Beijing for the price of about 1,600 and 2,400 U.S. dollars. Even though they haven't gone on sale in the Chinese Mainland just yet, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available on the grey market in Beijing.
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Xi Stresses Military Headquarters' Loyalty to Party
Headquarters of PLA forces must have absolute loyalty and firm faith in the Communist Party of China, guarantee a smooth chain of command and make sure all decisions from the central leadership are fully implemented.
Tropical Storm Fung-Wong to Roll Through East China
Tropical storm Fung-Wong, which has been skirting the Chinese east coast for the past couple of days, is poised to roll through Shanghai this evening.
Scandal-tainted Firm to Fire 340 Employees
The parent company of Shanghai Husi Food Co., Ltd. has announced that it will sack 340 employees of the firm following exposure of its use of expired meat.
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