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China's 1st Envoy to Afghanistan Vows to Help Govt's Peaceful Transition
As tensions are running high in Afghanistan, China's first envoy to the country is stressing the peaceful transition of the Afghan government.
More Public Opinions Needed in Beijing Subway Ticket Price Change
The opinion poll on a price hike in Beijing subway system concluded on July 20. City dwellers gave feedback using various platforms like Weibo, Wechat, and in an online forum.
Diplomatic Efforts Stepped up for Cease-Fire in Gaza
The Israeli military has confirmed one of its soldiers is missing in action in the Gaza Strip. A diplomatic push for a truce in the Gaza Strip has been intensified.
Typhoon Rammasun Death Toll Rises to 46 in China
The strongest typhoon to hit south China in four decades has left 46 dead with another 25 remaining unaccounted for, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
Military Helicopter Crashes in Sichuan Village
Witnesses say a military chopper has crashed in a village in southwest China's Sichuan Province.
EU Official Pledges $43m towards Fight against Drug Trafficking
The EU is putting out 32 million euros toward an anti-drug trafficking programme in Peru. The funding has been announced by Andris Piebalgs, the EU's Commissioner for Development during a visit to the South American country.
Robert Downy Junior Highest Paid in Hollywood
The 49 year old made the most of his money from June 2013 to June 2014 from Iron Man 3, which made 1.2 billion US dollars at the box office, assuring him top spot again at the annual ranking.
Cristiano Ronaldo Speaks about the Upcoming Season
Cristiano Ronaldo has reassured his club ahead of the new season. There are fears over his knee injury, but Ronaldo says he is eager to allay those concerns.
Germany Damages World Cup Trophy
The German football chief has admitted part of the World Cup trophy was damaged during a afterparty when the German national team celebrated their fourth World Cup title in Rio earlier this month.
Tron Light Cycle Banned from Road
Still remember this cool light cycle? It's a replica from the movie "Tron Legacy". It can drive any bike nerd or Tron movie fan to a frenzy, but recently it was banned on road in China.
Top 10 Hottest Places in China, 9 in Henan
A weather ranking by China Weather Website revealed that 9 cities and counties in central China's Henan Province were listed in the top 10 hottest places in China, Zhengzhou Evening News reports.
WiFi Service in the Sky
China Eastern Airlines will start offering WiFi to passengers on board its A33O jets flying the Beijing-Shanghai route starting tomorrow.
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China, Cuba Eye the Future
The two sides will sign documents of cooperation in various areas during Xi's visit, while Xi and Raul Castro will draw up a blueprint for the future of the bilateral ties. Commentary: U.S. Should Rethink Cuba Policy; Multiple Deals to Expand China-Venezuela Co-op
Apologies over Shanghai Husi Food Scandal
The scandal has dragged in more companies. Starbucks said some of its stores previously sold products containing chicken originally sourced from Shanghai Husi.
MH17 Black Boxes Well Kept
Russia's Ambassador to Malaysia says that experts have confirmed the black boxes of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17 have not been tampered with. Handover of MH17 Black Boxes
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The Sound Stage: PlastiCard
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Maria Kargbo - A Date with Destiny
The talented Maria Kargbo, headed to China with the belief it was her destiny. How did it work out?
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