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Russian Humanitarian Convoy Enters Ukraine without Kiev Consent
Part of Russia's humanitarian auto convoy crossed Ukrainian border Friday without consent from the country, in what Moscow said was a result of intolerance of Kiev's deliberate delay.
Doctors Protest Hospital Attack in Hunan
Hospital doctors in Yueyang, Central China's Hunan province, gathered at the city government offices on Thursday to protest an attack by relatives of a patient who died.
Northern China Drought Won't Hit National Harvest
The lingering drought in Northeast China will cut crop output in the affected regions -- Liaoning Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Jilin Province -- but the nationwide production figures will barely be affected.
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has been nominated as Turkish Prime Minister
Turkish president-elect Recep Tayyip Erdogan has tapped Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as his successor as prime minister.
German Sentenced to Death in China
China will likely for the first time execute a German national, according to the Hamburg-based daily newspaper Bild.
China's Pork Products Heading to Russia
Chinese pork producers are set to start benefitting from Russia's food import ban from the EU and a number of other countries.
China to Launch First Crude Oil Futures in 2014
China's securities regulator has announced plans to launch crude oil futures trading by the end of this year, to turn the Chinese markets into an alternative benchmark for global oil pricing.
Galileo Satellites Start Operational Deployment Phase
A new pair of Galileo satellites, Galileo 5 and 6, has been successfully delivered into orbit on Friday, which marks the start of a new phase in the European satellite navigation program, said the European Space Agency (ESA) in a press release.
Master Lectures on Peking Opera at UN
Mei Baojiu, now in his eighties, presented an interesting and detailed introduction of Peking Opera and the influence of Mei Lanfang's Jingju (Peking Opera) performance art on theatrical performance around the world.
Novak Djokovic Faces Tough Task in US Open
Top-seeded Novak Djokovic has been handed a danger filled path to the final of the U.S. Open following the draw for the season's final grand slam.
Stephen Marbury to Star as Himself in Chinese Play
American Basketball player Stephon Marbury is to star as himself in Chinese theatre.
Robin Williams' Ashes Scattered in San Francisco Bay
Comedian Robin Williams' ashes have been scattered in San Francisco Bay, according to a death certificate released by Marin County.
Ouya Scores Xiaomi Partnership to Take Games to China
Reuters is reporting that U.S video game service Ouya is working with Xiaomi to expand its business in China. The news agency reports the California-based firm has partnered with Xiaomi to take its games to Chinese living rooms via the smartphone maker's new streaming boxes and "smart" TVs.
Real Madrid Prepares for Spanish Super Cup Second Leg
Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti says star player Christiano Ronaldo is in good shape and ready for today's second-leg matchup with Atetico Madrid at the Spanish Super Cup.
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Welcome aboard China's Train of Development: Xi
Xi said China's reform and opening up as well as modernization will help stimulate its neighboring countries' development, while by effectively aligning development strategies, the two countries can achieve common development and prosperity.
China Raises Precaution against Ebola
A researcher with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention warned that the Ebola virus might enter China through humans in individual cases and can be controlled with strengthened checks at customs.
Spring Break Expected to Boost Tourism
China's state council gave a set of proposals on Thursday aiming to boost tourism development, which includes the establishment of a spring vacation system in elementary and middle schools.
C4: Chopsticks and Beyond Part 2
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Projestus A. Kagashani - Football's Universal Language
20 years in China have felt long for Kagashani, but it's the beautiful game that keeps him in the country.
C4: Chopsticks and Beyond Part 1
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Michael Jones - Building Bridges to Africa
During 12 years in Beijing, South African Michael started a successful PR company. Can China be his permanent home?
C4: From Beijing to Lanzhou
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