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JD Sets up Online Channels to Promote Local Products
China's largest online direct sales company JD.com has launched an online platform to help rural governments sell traditional goods across the country.
Chinese Student in Australia Returns 200,000 AUD to Bank after Mistaken Transfer
A Chinese student in Australia who found out that 200,000 Australian dollars had been deposited in her savings account due to a bank error had returned the money immediately.
Epidemic Prevention Prioritized after Earthquake in Xinjiang
Local authorities have started reconstruction work following the 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Pishan County in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Friday.
Chinese Chemistry Professor Arrested for Drug Business
A chemistry professor at a university in central China's Wuhan has been arrested on suspicion of producing hundreds of kg of a psychoactive drug and selling it to overseas buyers, the local public security bureau announced on Tuesday.
Chinese Armed Police Carries out Overseas Exercise
Chinese armed police forces have conducted its first joint exercise abroad in Sri Lanka. The operation was dubbed Phase II of Exercise Silk Road Cooperation 2015.
Obama Says Anti-ISIL Strategy Effective
U.S. President Barack Obama says military attacks launched by U.S. and coalition forces against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq are making progress. But he cautioned that more work remains to be done.
Chinese FM Joins Iran Nuclear Talks as Deadline Looms
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has returned to Vienna for the second time in a week to join the Iran nuclear talks as a self-imposed deadline for a deal is due to expire on Tuesday.
Minnesota Twins Beat Baltimore Orioles 4-2
Brian Dozier's two-run homer with one out in the 10th lifted the Minnesota Twins to a 4-2 victory over the Baltimore Orioles.
Ghana Black Stars Captain Asamoah Gyan to Sign with Shanghai SIPG
Ghana Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan is expected to finalize a deal this week with Chinese top-flight soccer side Shanghai SIPG.
Federer and Simon through, but Djokovic and Anderson Will Have to Wait
Roger Federer and Gilles Simon booked their places in the last eight at Wimbledon on Monday, but Novak Djokovic and Kevin Anderson will have to wait until later on today to conclude their match.
Legendary Producer Jerry Weintraub Dies at 77
Hollywood producer and manager Jerry Weintraub, the driving force behind such films as Karate Kid, Nashville and Ocean's Eleven, has died in California aged 77.
"Nostalgic" Animation Mr. Black Comes Back in August
The upcoming film Mr. Black: Green Star, which is adapted from the China's popular animated TV shows "Black Cat Detective" will come out in August.
World's Oldest Man Dies at 112 in Japan
Sakari Momoi, a Japanese man recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest male, has died at the age of 112, local media reported on Tuesday.
Urination Duration: Most Mammals Need about 21 Seconds 
Headed to the bathroom? If you think you might have to "pee like a race horse", join the club, so does everyone else. Scientists who studied dozens of different mammals from rats to elephants relieve themselves found that most of them seem to urinate in the same time frame: around 21 seconds.
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Xi Stresses Peace on Visit of War Exhibition
Xi Jinping stressed that history should always be remembered, and world peace safeguarded. The 70th Anniversary of Victory over Japan Commemorated
China, Russia Set to Further Advance Cooperation
President Xi and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will discuss coordinating the two countries' plans to increase regional trade and infrastructure, bilateral cooperation.Chinese President to Attend 7th BRICS Summit
China Stocks in Negative Territory Despite Government Support
Chinese shares fell into negative territory on Tuesday after Monday's uptick as government support measures failed to reverse the losing streak.Central Bank Injects 50 Bln into Market
Truth and Denial 3 (Part 2)
Germany and Japan's Postwar Redemption
Truth and Denial 3 (Part 1)
Germany and Japan's Postwar Redemption
Today in History: The War against Japanese Aggression, 1937.7.7
Japanese imperialists created the Lugouqiao incident. Chinese army put up stiff resistance, marking the start of a nationwide War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.
Travelling with STU-pid: Following a Princess
Join the C4 Show, China's funniest comedy sketch show from CRI.
Truth and Denial 2 (Part 2)
Germany and Japan's Postwar Redemption
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