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Beijing Passes Bill to Ban Smoking in All Indoor Public Places
Beijing adopted an anti-smoking legislation on Friday, vowing to ban smoking in all indoor public places, workplaces and public transport vehicles.
China's CGN Power IPO Begins
CGN Power, the mainland's largest nuclear power producer, has opened its retail books for an initial public offering in Hong Kong. The prospectus has revealed the company is planning to issue some 440 million shares in Hong Kong.
EU Seeks to Break Google's Monopoly
European Union lawmakers have voted in favor of a motion which calls anti-trust regulators to get tough on Google and other Internet search engines. The motion also suggests considering breaking them up.
Two Separate Attacks Targeted Diplomatic Personnel in Afghan
Two separate attacks have targeted diplomatic personnel in the Afghan capital, Kabul. In one of the attacks, a pair of men launched an attack on a foreign guest house in the diplomatic quarter. This follows an attack earlier in the day on a British embassy vehicle which left 5-people dead.
Iran's Top Leader Says the Country Will Accept Fair Decisions
Iran's supreme leader has issued a new statement, saying he is "not opposed" to the continuation of talks over the country's disputed nuclear program.
Over 700 Stranded Migrants Towed to Crete, Greece
A stranded ship carrying more than 700 migrants has arrived on the Greek island of Crete. The migrant ship is believed to be carrying a group of refugees from Syria.
Spanish PM Vows to Tackle Corruption
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is vowing to punish those in his ruling People's Party involved in corruption.
Event Set in January for Windows 10. That's Right, No Windows 9
Microsoft is set to unveil the consumer preview of Windows 10, the software giant's upcoming operating system designed to run across multiple platforms.
Beijing's Cable TV Enters Cloud Era with New Service
Cable televisions have entered the "Cloud Era" in Beijing. The Beijing Gehua Cable TV Network Co. Ltd launched its "Gehua Cloud Platform" on Thursday, Beijing Times reported.
Beijing Beats Zhejiang 3-0
Beijing remains undefeated so far during this season after cruising past Zhejiang 3-0 on Thursday at round 4 of the Chinese Volleyball League.
Cricketer Phillip Hughes Dies Two Days after Being Hit by A Ball
Australia is coming to grips with the death of Phillip Hughes.
Wild Panda Dies after Treatment in Southwest China
A wild giant panda in southwest China's Sichuan province has died days after being treated, according to the state-run news agency, Xinhua. An autopsy report showed that the panda died from intestinal necrosis, septicemia, serious liver damage and severe malnutrition.
Chinese Football Team in Asia Top 10 in FIFA Ranking
FIFA has come out with the new national rankings.
"Children of Men" Author P.D. James Dies at 94
"Children of Men" author Phyllis Dorothy James, known as P.D. James, died on Thursday at her home in Oxford, England. She was 94.
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China Pledges Zero Tolerance for Corruption in Army
China's Defense Ministry says it's pushing ahead with a crackdown on corruption in the military, in response to reports a number of generals have been caught-up in the current corruption crackdown.
Death Sentence for Cult Members in E. China Upheld
The Shandong Higher People's Court on Friday upheld the death sentence of two Church of the Almighty God cult members who beat a woman to death in a McDonald's outlet in May.
China, US Targeting Terror Online
Counterterrorism work between China and the United States has helped authorities track down and delete a number of violent, terrorist video and audio programs stored on US servers.
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