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Pakistani Medical Staff Distressed by Peshawar School Attack
Pakistani medical staff treating the injured in Tuesday's school massacre in Peshawar say they are distressed by the horrific scenes they witnessed after the blood-soaked victims arrived.
Villagers Deny Demanding HIV Boy to be Banished
Petition signed by more than 200 villagers in Sichuan province about a child with HIV is intended for the boy to be taken better care of, the Beijing News reported Saturday.
China's Experimental Fast Reactor Runs at full Capacity
China's first sodium-cooled fast neutron reactor reached a milestone after operating at full capacity for 72 hours as of Thursday afternoon, a sign that China has fully mastered core technologies in fast reactor design.
N.Korea Proposes Joint Probe into Sony Hacking
North Korea has proposed a joint investigation with the US into last month's hacking attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment.
French Police Shoot Dead Knife-wielding Assailant
French police on Saturday (December 20) shot dead a man shouting "Allahu Akbar" ("God is the greatest") who stabbed and wounded three officers in a police station, authorities said.
Raul Castro Says Open to Reciprocal Dialogue with U.S.
Cuban leader Raul Castro told parliament on Saturday that his government is willing to have reciprocal dialogue on any topic with the United States.
China's Dalian Wanda Eyes Competition with Disneyland
Chinese real estate tycoon Wang Jianlin said on Saturday that his Dalian Wanda Group will compete with Disneyland and probably open theme parks in the United States in the future.
China Starts to Sell Train Tickets for Spring Festival Eve Online
Sales for Spring Festival Eve travel began yesterday, but did not reach the level reached on Friday when 5.6 million tickets were sold online for travel three days ahead of Spring Festival.
Muhammad Ali Hospitalized with Pneumonia
Former world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali is in hospital in the United States with pneumonia.
The Site of Ancient Sizhou City Rediscovered
Chinese Archaeologists have completed excavating the site of the ancient city of Sizhou in Xuyi county in East China's Jiangsu province.
Documentary on First Sino-Japanese War Debuted
A four-episode documentary on the first Sino-Japanese War in 1894 was debuted in Beijing Saturday, Sunday's China Youth Daily reported.
China Develops Motion-sensing Virtual Reality Glasses
China has developed new motion-sensing virtual reality glasses that gives game players immersive 3D experiences.
More Than 13,000 Chinese Singles Go on Mass Blind Date
More than 13,000 single men and women gathered in Shanghai on Saturday for a mass blind date, highlighting the woes of the young and lovelorn in a society that holds traditional values of love and marriage.
Life of Macanese
The term Macanese refers to a group of people of mixed races who have Portuguese ancestry. There are about 10 thousand Macanese living in Macau, where the population is about 550 thousand. It's a small but active group in Macau society. CRI's Wang Wei tells you more about the life of the Macanese in Macau.
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Rumor-mongers of Xinjiang Terrorist Attack Netted
Police in Xinjiang have apprehended two suspects for spreading rumors of a terrorist attack in Shache County in Kashgar Prefecture. Shache has been hard hit by two terrorist attacks this year.
Thousands Arrested in S. China Porn, Gambling Crackdown
Police in south China's Guangdong Province said Sunday they captured more than 30,000 suspects in a two-month crackdown on porn and gambling.
Most Chinese Detained by Angolan Police Released
Most of the Chinese expatriates in Angola who were detained in Luanda on Friday by Angolan police without identification have been released, Charge d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy to Luanda Li Chong told Xinhua on Sunday.
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The Sound Stage: Candy Monster
That thing under your bed has got a sweet tooth.
Interview with Kris, Co-founder of Infosys
What has made Infosys, India's largest IT service company, so successful?
My Chinese Life: Alex Edmunds--Searching for Love in China
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