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A Win For "Pouring Ball"
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Winning is something that we all dream about, be it in a contest or just simply in life. It can also be such an amazing feeling to win as apart of a team. The group that won this year's HackShanghai Hackathon couldn't have imagined beating 59 other groups to become the champions at this years event. I caught up with them as they celebrated their big win. And the 2015 HackShanghai goes to Pouring ball!
Pouring Ball with their concept of boosting and adding fun to teamwork emerged victors at this year's HackShanghai event.

N. "At any one point did you think, you would win?

G:No, not at all.

N:. Whom did you think was going to win?

G. We had no idea.In fact there was a point during the first stage of presentation where we didn't have a presentation PPT prepared. And so we thought we wouldn't make it past that round. "

A group of 4 individuals randomly put together, just before the challenge, managed to create a product that did not only impress the judges, but also won the overall prize beating, 59 other teams.

N: "Briefly explain to me why you think you won and why you think you came out tops?

G: I think because we made a game that has never been done before, and also uses the most modern techniques"

N: Do you think your application is going to be one of those popular things for people to do not only have fun with but to also encourage teamwork?

G: Yes it's meant to make them interact with each other in the physical world and not just virtually on their phones. So we want to make them want to move around in the physical world. We also hope to make it available soon in the app stores.

Pouring ball is a game that, from the outside, appears very simple, but let me just say, you can't judge the book by it's cover. Anyway, all you need is a minimum of two individuals and two mobile phones to play it. But how does it Work?

There is a ball floating around on the phone screen. When the device is tilted, the ball, due to the force of gravity, will mimic a pouring movement. When the ball is moving or pouring in this matter, it will flow through a tube, from one device and into the next. At this point though, before that happens, there could be more than one entrance where it could potentially gush through. For the ball to "flow" through the right path, all the players must be well coordinated.

                                                                     [Photo: Newsplusradio.cn]

The game isn't just all mental game, but also a physical one, since movements must also be superbly synchronized. But that's not all. To be able to successfully get the ball from one device into the next, there is an obstacle; a padlock. And we all know what that means; someone needs to unlock it, using the ball, as the key. It might sound simple, I assure you, it isn't.
In this game, like most of the games out there however, the more you get into the subsequent levels the harder it gets.

N:"How do you award points? You've got different levels, but how do you move from one to the next?

G:If you get the key and then you get to open the treasure box, you get to proceed to the next level. And obviously, the next level gets even harder. "

Which also begs the question, do we really need more games?

N: I'm curious to know, why did you decide on another game, because there are already so many games out there?

G: Our team leader first thought that we should create an app that could imitate pouring water from one cup to another. So this was our initial idea before we turned it into a game.

From designing algorithms to coding, to not sleeping at all, one thing's for sure, these guys really worked hard and the results showed it. One of the judges Aris knight brings it to light why Pouring Ball took the first spot.

"I think the most interesting part was how the game wouldn't work unless it was lined up properly from the graphics. So anything that's interactive always gets the attention over things like, software related ones. " Says Aris Knight

Pouring Ball is still just a prototype. The group hopes to spend a little more time on making it a bit more sophisticated. Thereafter we can all be able to engage in this interesting game, as we learn to build some teamwork skills.

For now though, the group's big win marked the end of this year's Hackathon in Shanghai.

By Nillah Nyakoa.





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