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 The 16th Beijing Student Film Festival Launched
    2009-04-07 18:35:08     CRIENGLISH.com

Organized by Beijing Normal University and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, the 16th Beijing Student Film Festival launched Monday. First held in 1993, the film festival focuses on works of university students. The 16th festival has more highlights than previous ones.


In the past 15 years, the Beijing Student Film Festival has gained plenty of recognition. The festival focuses on university students and they judge the awards. According to the organizing committee, the 16th Beijing Student Film Festival received more than 100 film applications. 30 received nominations. According to Wang Yichuan, vice director of the organizing committee, the Chinese films are centered on more positive subjects.

"Chinese films developed rapidly the past year. Mainstream films are more artistic and easier to understand. In addition, art and commercial films mostly transfer positive and mainstream ideas. Take "Forever Enthralled" for instance, it is a literary film, but at the same time has both the characteristics of mainstream and commercial films, which helped its popularity."

As the opening film of the festival, "China's Father of the A-bomb" tells the story of scientist Deng Jiaxian, who developed China's first atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb. The director of the film Wang Jixing says the film has special meaning to university students.

"The characters portrayed in the film are all predecessors of today's university students. They graduated from the likes of Tsinghua University and Peking University, and made great contribution to the country. I think it is necessary to tell students about the stories of these heroes, who should be models for the younger generation."

During the film festival, university students get the chance to watch the 30 nominated films and others at a very low cost. Yin Jian from the organizing committee says some of the films will be screened for the first time.

"On average, two films are screened every day. Tickets are sold on campus. For just ten yuan, students can view two films, or if they prefer, see all 30 films for 120 yuan."

Besides the main film competition, there are also other activities such as student-made DV competition, a film appreciation forum, meetings with film producing teams and a workshop of Ingmar Bergman's works.

The vice director of the organizing committee Wang Yichuan says the student-made DV competition is another highlight of the film festival.

"The flying tiger in the logo of the student film festival has two wings. I think one wing represents the participating films; the other represents the DV works of university students. Although the films are the main part of the current festival, the DV competition is also important, as more and more students are joining. So far, more than 1,000 DV pieces have been submitted and 241 nominated. They will attract more student interest in film and promote the development of Chinese film industry. Many of the students will become filmmakers, directors, or actors in the future."

Many students share the same idea. Chang Fengwei is one of them.

"I really like our university students' works. I watched some before, which were very good, but they were not well promoted. The DV competition provides a wonderful platform."

The student film festival will conclude on April 26, and 11 awards are set for Chinese films, most will be judged by experts and students.



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