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It has now claimed over 500 lives, and is considered one of the most dramatic escalations of violence in the region in decades. In this edition of the show we'll be discussing the root causes and possible solutions to the ongoing fighting in Gaza.

• 2009-01-06 Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
• 2009-01-05 Why Asian Children Excel at Math
• 2009-01-02 2009: A Look Ahead
• 2009-01-01 30 Years of Sino-US Diplomacy
• 2008-12-31 Year in Review
• 2008-12-30 2008 Year in Review
• 2008-12-29 Reform and Opening Up on Culture
• 2008-12-26 Chinese warships to aide fight against piracy
• 2008-12-25 Christmas in China
• 2008-12-24 Xmas Eve in an Economic Downturn
• 2008-12-23 Hu talks about Reform and Opening Up
• 2008-12-22 Reform and Opening Up and Trade
• 2008-12-19 OPEC to Cut Production
• 2008-12-18 The European Economy
• 2008-12-17 30 years of Reform and Opening Up
• 2008-12-16 China to Boost Liquidity
• 2008-12-15 Cross-Straits Transport and Mail
• 2008-12-12 Fuel and Oil Pricing
• 2008-12-11 Central Economic Work Conference
• 2008-12-10 MBA's in a Global Slowdown
• 2008-12-09 Jimmy Carter on China
• 2008-12-08 Six Party Talks
• 2008-12-05 Strategic Economic Dialogue II
• 2008-12-04 Strategic Economic Dialogue
• 2008-12-03 Chinese Consumer Confidence
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People in the Know is China's only English language political current affairs program. PIK covers events that shape not only China, but the world as well.Details...

Hosts & Team

Paul James
• Wang Lei• Xu Yang
• Yang Jingjie

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A recent survey shows that people feel the happiest when they reach their 60s and 70s. Is it true that we may ignore happiness when we spend all the time looking for it? [China Drive]
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