One in a Billion: Landscape Designer
In order to create the ideal designs in his mind, landscape designer Song Benming set up his own company five years ago. Now, the company has gained some recognition in the field.
CRI Interview with British Ambassador to China
Gender equality is one of the key areas of the newly launched China-UK partnership. What can we expect from the cooperation between the two countries?
China-Switzerland Ties
China and Switzerland formally established diplomatic ties in the year 1950. Since then, bilateral ties have witnessed constant breakthroughs, or as Swiss Ambassador to China, Jean-Jacques de Dardel, put it, "many one of the first or firsts".
One in a Billion: Fashion Designer
After overcoming many obstacles during its infancy, independent brand, ALICIA LEE, is now creating a buzz in the fashion world.
Do You Know the Green Card Policy in China?
Aiming to attract more talented people and investments from overseas, China introduced a more flexible regulation on permanent residence for foreigners on Feb 18, 2016.
Tibetan New Year Gala-Zhongzi Dancing from Xierong Village
Farmers from Xierong village and folk art groups from serveral counties in Tibet perform Zhongzi dancing, an intangible cultural heritage in China.
Tibetan New Year Gala-Zhana Dancing
Focusing on the Black Tent culture, the dance is to reflect people's life on the grasslands and the connection between human being and the Nature.
Tibetan New Year Gala-Love Story of the Menba People
Group dancing to present Menba ethnic minority life and love story.
Tibetan New Year Gala-Musical Notes on the Printing Board
Dege Sutra Printing House in Sichuan Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is considered one of the most treasured sites of Tibetan culture and history.The dance reflects the wisdom and innovative spirit of the ancestors.
One in a Billion: Commercial Director
Liu Dapeng is a commercial director. 365 days a year, he never rests.  He believes that his fate has already arranged the best life for him. All he has to do is to follow it.
The Monkey King Returns - Older and Wiser?
Liu Xiao Ling Tong, 55, first made his name by playing Monkey King in the 1986 TV adaptation of the classic novel "Journey to the West". He is now working with the Paramount Pictures to shoot a cinematic version of the classic.
Interview of Chinese Film Director Gao Qunshu
CRI's CHINA PLUS has interviewed Chinese film director Gao Qunshu about his latest movie "Run for Love".
Living like an Iranian
Twin brothers, Majid and Massoud Shamaezadeh, introduce Chinese people to Iranian culture.
Why Saudi Arabia? 
Chinese President Xi Jinping has kicked off his state visit to the Middle East. His first stop is Saudi Arabia - why is that?
1001 Bites: Arab Food in China
Arab cuisine has been part of China's international food scene for decades. But few Chinese people really know about it. How does it stack up against Chinese cuisine?
Why Do You Learn Arabic?
Why do people learn Arabic? Arabic majors of Beijing Foreign Studies University share their joy of getting to know the rich Arabic culture and their painstaking experience of learning the language.
Can Chinese Architects Make It?
CRI has interviewed Xiaoguang Liu, one of China's best known architects, who elaborates on his latest project, the Lenovo Headquarters.
One in a Billion: Needleman (Tattoo Artist)
Seven, a tattoo artist known as "Needleman," showcases disappearing traditional Chinese art forms through tattoos.
The Busy Life of a Primary School Student
Nine-year-old Hou Weiran is in grade four. From Monday to Sunday, her schedule is filled with classes and after school classes, but she likes it...
Manager Li Bin: "Life Nowadays is Vastly Different from When I was a Kid."
Li Bin, 36 years old, is a member of the senior management team of a listed company in China. This is his third job after college, and the previous two were in state owned enterprises.
Mother of Two Wang Jing: "Each of My Children Now Has a Sibling, Something I Never Had."
Wang Jing, a 37 year old woman in Beijing, gave birth to her second baby three months ago.
Farmer Shan Shengyong: "I Enjoy Farming and Have a Lot of Freedom at Home."
Shan Shengyong, a farmer in north China's Hebei Province, is already 66, but still enjoys farming.
Single Woman Zhang Bei: "I Don't Want to Get Married for the Sake of Getting Married."
Zhang Bei is a 37 year-old woman, but is still single. She owns a house, lives with three cats, and has a decent job.
12th Grader Student Ling Yuefeng: "I Want to Come out on Top."
Ling Yuefeng is a 12th grader student. His school days end at 9:30 pm, then he goes home and studies some more.
NGO Woman Wang Yi'ou: "I Hope More Patients Get to Help Others."
Wang Yi'ou, 32, is suffering from OI, or brittle bone disease. There are almost 100,000 OI patients in China.
Artist Zhang Jun: "Kun Qu is So Beautiful, and It Shouldn't be Allowed to Die out."
"It is my goal to turn Kun Qu into something that all of us can enjoy, rather than something artsy that belongs in a museum."
Stories of Xinjiang People-The Emotions of a School Headmistress
Kulishian devotes her enthusiasm to the Kazakh education.
Stories of Xinjiang People-Brothers of the Vine
Uygur brothers make good life in the grape yard.
Stories of Xinjiang People-A Rural Doctor, A Rural Educator
Xinjiang doctor dedicated to traditional Kazakh medicine.
Stories of Xinjiang People-Musical Friendship
Music makes multiethnic friendship in Xinjiang.
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