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Typhoon Matmo Makes Landfall in Taiwan, Loses Power
Typhoon Matmo hit the island earlier this morning with winds of around 140-kilometers per hour.The storm has shifted off its original track, which yesterday had it making a direct line toward Taipei.
RMB Swap Deal to Bring More Cooperation Between China, Switzerland: BNS Chairman
The head of Switzerland's central bank says the country's currency swap arrangement with China is going to further cement financial ties between the two countries. Thomas Jordan, chair of the Swiss National Bank, says the new deal will pave ways for Chinese banks to open branch offices in Switzerland.
MH17: First Bodies to Arrive in the Netherlands
Forensics experts from the Netherlands have begun counting the bodies of the victims of downed Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. The first series of bodies are due to be flown to the Dutch city of Eindhoven later on this Wednesday.
Israel Continues with Military Operation despite Int'l Pressure
Despite the rising number of casualties on both sides, on top of a rising international call for a ceasefire, Israeli officials are showing no signs of backing away from the military offensive currently underway in the Gaza Strip.
Two-thirds of Consumers No longer Trust Western Fast-food Companies after Scandal
A new online poll is suggesting over two-thirds of all Chinese consumers no longer trust Western fast-food companies. This comes on the heels of a new scandal connected to rotten meat reportedly being sold to a number of fast-food chains, including McDonalds and KFC.
China to Provide Venezuela Loan for Mineral Survey
The Bank of China (BoC) announced on Tuesday that it will lend 691 million U.S. dollars to Venezuela's top oil producer to finance the survey of mineral deposits in the country.
Hundreds of Thousands of People Sign Petition to Return Polar Bear to Canada
Zoo officials in Argentina have announced the last remaining captive polar bear is going to remain in the country, despite a petition by hundreds of thousands of people, demanding it be relocated to Canada.
Authorities Remove Dozens of Families Occupying 'World's Tallest Slum'
Officials and armed soldiers in Caracas have begun moving out the first of thousands of squatters who have lived for almost 10 years in a half-built skyscraper in the heart of Venezuelan capital.
Toronto Unveils 3 Chinese Films in First Slate of TIFF 2014
The Chinese film presence will be ramped up at this year's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) , according to organizers who announced a portion of their line-up on Tuesday.
The Voice of the Soil
A four-member acapella group from South Africa has been putting on performances at the National Center for the Performing Arts here in Beijing to help commemorate the year of South Africa in China.
Chinese Cartoon "The Magical Brush" Premieres in Beijing
Chinese animated feature, "The Magical Brush," premiered in Beijing last night.
"Tiny Times 3" Topples "Transformers 4" to Top China's Box Office
Domestic twenty-something drama "Tiny Times 3" does what no other movie has done in three weeks; and that is unseat "Transformers: Age of Extinction" to take the top spot at China's box office.
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Chinese President Visits Fidel Castro
Chinese President Xi Jinping has paid a visit to former Cuban leader Fidel Castro in Havana as part of his time in the country. China, Cuba Eye the Future ; China, Venezuela Sign Deals to Expand Cooperation
China Releases Anti-terror Handbook
Chinese authorities have released a new anti-terrorism guidebook designed to try to help people protect themselves in the face of terrorism. As the country's first anti-terrorism handbook designed for the public, the manual offers individuals advices on how to protect themselves during a terrorist attack. It also includes instructions on how to identify possible terrorists.
U.S. Bars Fights to Tel Aviv for 24 Hours
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has told the country's airlines that all flights to Tel Aviv, Israel are prohibited for 24 hours over safety concerns following a rocket attack near the airport there.
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