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[Livecast]The 15th Lanting Forum
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is to speak on the upcoming attendance of President Xi Jinping at the China-Africa Cooperation Forum in Johannesburg. CRIENGLISH.com brings you a live broadcast of this event at 08:30 a.m. on Thursday.
Five Knockoff Disney Hotels Fined in Shanghai
Five hotels in Shanghai have been fined a total of 100-thousand yuan or about 15,650 U.S. dollars for infringing Disney's trademark rights.
Apple Plans to Launch Apple Pay in China by February: Report
It's being reported that Apple is planning to launch its mobile payment system 'Apple Pay' in China by early February.
Better Management Urged for Airlines
New calls are being made for China's airlines to improve their ability to handle emergencies. The move follows complaints over the failure of China Southern Airlines to help a sick passenger.
Beijing Relocates 6,000 Students to Suburban Campuses
Beijing has relocated more than 6,000 college students to suburban campuses amid a regional integration scheme which restricts the size of schools in the center of the city.
Largest Coal Mine Identified in East China
A geological survey has identified nearly 5 billion tonnes of coal deposits at a mine in Anhui Province, making it the largest in east China.
Response to Government Push for New Energy Vehicles not Encouraging
Consumers have responded cooly to the government incentives for electric vehicles, weeks after the authorities in the Chinese capital announced the new measures.
Chinese University Officials Punished for Extravagance
Top officials from the Communication University of China have been reprimanded for personal extravagance and attempts to cover up problems in the university's financial mismanagement.
China to Take Over the U.S. as Uber's Largest Market by Yearend: Executive
China is likely to surpass the United States as Uber's largest market by the end of this year, the company said in Beijing on Wednesday.
Golden State Warriors Shatter NBA Record
Oakland California's Golden state Warrior's have broke the record for best start of the regular season with a 16-0, after beating the Los Angelas Lakers 111-77 on Tuesday night.
Obama Honors Streisand, Spielberg In Washington
US President Barack Obama recognised 17 Americans with the highest US civilian award on Tuesday.
New Bond Movie Dominates China's Box Office
"Spectre," the new James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig, has continued to dominate China's box office in the week to November 22, earning 188 million yuan, around 29.4 million U.S. dollars.
FIFA Seeking Life Ban for Platini
FIFA is seeking a lifetime ban for UEFA chief Michel Platini over corruption charges, involving a sum of 2 million US dollars which he received from FIFA president Sepp Blatter.
LEGO Star Wars Exhibition Opens in Hong Kong
The Star Wars and Times Square exhibit has been unveiled in Hong Kong on Tuesday night.
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Xi to Attend Paris Meeting, Visit Zimbabwe and S. Africa
Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the Paris climate conference, visit Zimbabwe and South Africa and chair the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.
Infrastructure Highlighted in China-CEE Cooperation
A meeting among China and 16 central and Eastern European countries has come to an end in the city of Suzhou in Jiangsu.
Russia Confirms Rescue of 2nd Su-24 Pilot, Deployment of Air Defense Systems in Syria
Russia confirmed the rescue of the second pilot of the downed Russian Su-24 warplane, while air defense missile systems would be deployed in Syria. Putin Orders Air Defense System to be Deployed in Syria; Turkey Has No Intention to Escalate Tension With Russia: President;Tensions Soar up after Russian Plane Downed
Travelling with STU-pid: Shaoxing, An Alcohol City
Join the C4 Show, China's funniest comedy sketch show from CRI.
Today in History: The War against Japanese Aggression, 1937.11.24
Congress Party leader Jawaharlal Nehru proposed a "China Day" movement to be held on January 9th throughout India.
The C4 Show: If House of Cards was Real
Join the C4 Show, China's funniest comedy sketch show from CRI.
Today in History: The War against Japanese Aggression, 1944.11.11
The US Observation Group, commonly known as the Dixie Mission, arrived in Jin-Cha-Ji region of the Eighth Route Army. Jin-Cha-Ji was named after the provinces of Shanxi, Chahar and Hebei.
The C4 Show: Explaining Single's Day
Join the C4 Show, China's funniest comedy sketch show from CRI.
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