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Alibaba 11.11 Shopping Festival to last for 24 days
China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group has announced that the online 11.11 shopping festival this year will last for 24 days, not just the usual 24 hours, starting from October 21 and ending on November 13.
Assailant in Beijing hotel footage prosecuted
A man has been prosecuted for facilitating prostitution, after a video appeared online where he appeared to assault and attempt to kidnap a woman from a Beijing hotel, said Chaoyang District People's Court in Beijing on Friday.
Property market shows signs of cooling following new policies
China's red-hot property market in major cities has shown signs of cooling after authorities stepped in with a spate of measures to contain sky-high prices, an official survey showed Friday, citing fresh data for the first half of October.
Cross-border flows to remain stable: official
Pressure on China's cross-border capital outflows eased during the first three quarters of 2016, an official said on Friday.
Fans cool as report says Lippi may be next coach
Despite a report that former World Cup-winning coach Marcello Lippi is close to becoming the next head coach of China's national team, soccer experts and fans remained coolheaded and said they didn't expect the next coach to improve the level of the squad immediately.
Guangdong police seize 2 tonnes of meth in drug bust
Police in south China's Guangdong Province have seized two tonnes of methamphetamine, or meth, in the latest crackdown on a cross-border drug trafficking ring.
Chinese public glued to US election debate for entertainment
US presidential debates have proven to be entertaining to the Chinese public, who have made tons of memes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and edited funny videos on social media.
Silkworm astronauts "dance" in space
Two Chinese astronauts are now aboard the Tiangong-2 in space, along with 6 silkworms. The silkworms are making headlines in China, as the three-time space traveller Jing Haipeng had a bit of "dance" with it on the spacecraft.
Warning for Brits as Zika discovered in Kent
A mosquito with eggs that could potentially transmit Zika has been discovered for the very first time in United Kingdom.
Human jaws traced back to prehistoric fish: research
The latest findings by a group of Chinese and Swedish palaeontologists are suggesting that human jaws can be traced back to some prehistoric fish called placoderms, which lived more than 400 million years ago.
Wheelchair-bound Chinese dancer honored for achievements after injury
A wheelchair-bound Chinese dancer has been honored for her persistence and passion for the arts. 34-year-old Liu Yan has been given the Tara Award at the Life Goes On charity gala in Vienna, marking the first time the honor has been given to a Chinese artist.
Jacky Cheung to kick off new concert tour in Beijing
Hong Kong pop icon Jacky Cheung is set to kick off his latest tour tonight in Beijing. It has been five years since the 55-year-old went on tour last time.
Embrace China performance held in Stockholm
Organized by All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Embrace China performance provided a big culture banquet for the Chinese in Sweden.
Burberry sees boost thanks to Chinese Buyers
Figures taken from Burberry's first half trading update show a 30% leap in UK sales led by visitors from China - they say the number of Chinese visitors to their UK stores also rose by 20%.
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Long March a "stately monument": Xi
Chinese President Xi Jinping has hailed the Long March as a "stately monument" in the history of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. [Playback] China commemorates 80th anniversary of Long March victory; Overseas scholars hail Chinese Long March
Typhoon Haima makes landfall in south China
Typhoon Haima, the 22nd typhoon of the year, made landfall in south China's Guangdong Province at the noon of Friday. Typhoon Haima puts Hong Kong to halt
China, Philippines eye for enhanced economic ties
China and the Philippines on Thursday pledged to improve economic ties through cooperation. Xi, Duterte agree on full improvement of ties; Joint Statement of China and the Philippines
Travelling with Stupid: Beijing Snack Time
Join the C4 Show, China's funniest comedy sketch show from CRI.
Travelling with STU-pid: Snack time in Old Beijing
Join the C4 Show, China's funniest comedy sketch show from CRI.
The C4 Show: Pro Wrestling in China
Join the C4 Show, China's funniest comedy sketch show from CRI.
The C4 Show: Moon Cake Taste Test
Join the C4 Show, China's funniest comedy sketch show from CRI.
Travelling with Stu-pid: Getting Lost in Chongqing
Join the C4 Show, China's funniest comedy sketch show from CRI.
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