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China Launches Three-year Medical Reform Program
The Chinese government has launched a 3-year plan to deal with hospital waiting lines. The new program is meant to try to cope with the long waits for both emergency care and surgeries.
Top Justice Tao Kaiyuan Says China's Legal Reforms Show Positive Results
The Chinese government under President Xi Jinping has focused in strengthening the rule of law in the country. But there is much more being done to refine the country's judicial system aimed at achieving fairness and justice for all.
China Expands Shanghai FTZ Policies Nationwide
China's cabinet has announced that certain preferential policies currently available in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone are going to be expanded nationwide.
Can Better Public Toilets Save China's Tourism Industry?
When photographer Tom Carter from San Francisco first traveled to China in 2004, he encountered one of the most common culture shocks experienced by expat travelers: the Chinese squat toilet.
Alibaba's Market Valuation Evaporates 11 billion Dollars over Spat with Regulator
Shares of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba have shed nearly 4.4-percent in value in overnight trading, with investors dumping the stock amid the company's spat with China's top business regulator.
China's Railway Freight Deliveries Post Sharp Fall in Q4
New stats show railway freight deliveries in China posted a sharp decline through the 4th quarter. Railway freight, along with power usage and bank loans, is the key pillars of Likenomics, which is the measurement of economic performance expounded by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.
One Killed as Gymnasium under Construction Collapses
A construction worker died and 18 others were injured when a building collapsed at a school in east China's Jiangxi Province shortly after midnight.
Zoo Told to Keep Visitors away from Pandas
China's wildlife protection authority issued a warning to a zoo in South China's Guangdong province after several South Korean entertainers visited the zoo for a TV show filming and posed with rare giant panda triplets, reported thepaper.cn on Wednesday.
Wanda Set to Buy Sports Marketing Giant Infront
Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin's buying spree is rolling-on.His Wanda Group is reportedly within days of buying global sports marketing firm Infront from its parent company Bridgepoint. The deal would give Wanda the exclusive rights to broadcast Italy's Serie A.
Taylor Swift Copyrights Lyrics from Album 1989
These filings prohibit the use of many of her phrases from latest album 1989 from appearing without a license on everything from guitar straps and accessories to removable tattoos.
Jay Chou to Coach on Season 4 of The Voice of China
He says the singer and actor from Taiwan will take up a role as one of the coaches on the new season of the popular talent show. He is the only coach confirmed so far for the series.
McDonald's CEO Don Thompson to Step Down amid Declining Sales
McDonalds announced on Wednesday that they will replace CEO Don Thompson with Steve Easterbrook, a company veteran who has served as McDonald's chief brand officer since 2013.
Qualcomm Confirms Loss of Major Customer, Likely Samsung
Qualcomm, the world's leading mobile chipmaker, has confirmed the loss of a major customer. There is little doubt that this major customer is the world's leading smartphone maker, Samsung.
Disused Bus Changed into Bus Stop
A disused bus has been changed into a bus stop by university students at the Zhejiang Normal University in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. One side of the vehicle was dismantled, and the interior was decorated with wooden boards.
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Li Urges to Continue with MH370 Search
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has called on Malaysia to continue to exert all efforts to find Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and its passengers, as the Malaysian government has officially declared MH370 an accident.
Man with Gun Enters Dutch TV Studio
A man with a gun entered a studio of national broadcaster to demand airtime on Thursday in Hilversum. It is not clear what the man wanted to do with the airtime.
China Denies Mass Foreign Investment Withdrawal
The denial comes as reports have run wild that Microsoft closed two Nokia factories and Panasonic intended to call back two assembly lines of TV sets in China.
C4: That's Entertainment
Join us for the latest episode of CRI's hilarious comedy news show.
Today in History: Anti-Japanese War, 1938.1.23
The International Peace Campaign China branch was set up in Hankou.
My Chinese Life: Elisabeth Koch--Making Hats Mainstream
How has Elisabeth brought previously unpopular hats to the forefront of Chinese fashion?
The Sound Stage: The Sound Stage Showcase
Bringing you the best and newest Chinese music - LIVE!
Today in History: Anti-Japanese War, 1939.1.20
Mao Zedong wrote the preface to the English edition of "On Protracted War".
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