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2013-12-16 Legacy of Nelson Mandela
2013-11-08 China opening up to private banks 
Panel discussion:
Chinese authorties have opened the lowest tier of this country's banking sector to full private ownership.Following the move this summer, there's been a rush into the industry from home appliance makers to internet companies.
2013-11-06 Canada's Conservative Government
Panel discussion:
The Canadian Senate has suspended three of its members for "gross negligence" in a scandal over expense claims that has damaged the reputation of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The Conservative majority in the unelected Senate has voted for the two-year suspensions without pay. A Senate committee has ruled the three Conservative appointees - Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau - claimed housing and other expenses they weren't entitled to recieve.
-Paul Johnson, Canada's Global Television Beijing Bureau Chief
-Anna Agathangelou, Associate Professor with the department of Political Science at York University in Toronto, author of two books:
Transforming World Politics: From Empire to Multiple Worlds. Routledge.
The global political economy of sex: desire, violence, and insecurity in world politics.
-Cristine de Clercy, Associate Professor of the University of Western Ontario 

Global Talks:
Today we are debating UN, US and Russian officials fail to set a date for the Geneva II conference; The M23 rebels in the DR Congo officially give up their fight; Authorities in Bangladesh sentence over 150 mutineers to death; Britian now involved in a spying scandal as Japan comes to terms with being spied on by the US; And India launches a new Mars probe and much much more.
2013-11-05 Saudi Arabia and US Ties
Panel discussion:
Some interesting things have been happening in Saudi Arabia in recent weeks on the diplomatic front when it comes to the country's relationship with the United States. Expressing frustration with the US position on the situation in Syria, the Saudi authorities took the almost unprecidented step of turning down a coveted seat on the UN Security Council. This has since opened up a number of new questions about the current relationship between Washington and Riyadh.
-Jia Xiudong, Senior Researcher at the China Institute of International Studies.
-Michael Stephens: Deputy Director at the Royal United Services Institute, Qatar
-Caryle Murphy, US independent journalist and author of "A Kingdom's Future: Saudi Arabia Through the Eyes of Its Twenty somethings."

Global Talks:
Today we are debating Courts in Egypt delay trial of ex-president Mohamed Morsi, ,French and Malian forces hunt for the people who murdered a group of journalists, South Korea's President says there is 'no purpose' to hold talks with Japan, reports suggests Doctors may have aided US torture at military prisons, and BlackBerry calls off its sale.
2013-11-04 China-Japan Tensions 
Panel discussion:
Tension has been on the rise between China and Japan, with Tokyo claiming it will exert a leadership role in Asia on security in Asia-Pacific region and be more assertive to China. Speaking to media, Japanese Prime Minister Shizo Abe said other countries wanted Japan to stand up to China. But he failed to mention the names of any specific countries. Abe also criticized China for allegedly changing status quo by force.
He also promised policies to counter Japan's waning influence.
-Gui Yongtao, Professor at the School of International Studies at Peking University
-Stephanie Lawson, expert in Politics and International Relations with Macquarie University
-Go Ito, Professor of International Relations with the Department of Political Science at Meiji University

Global Talks:
Today we are debating Pakistan to assess U.S. ties after killing of Taliban chief, Syria's opposition lays out its preconditions for peace talks, John Kerry says US will continue to back Egypt's Interim government, Kosovo votes amid violence and the DR Congo military attacks last areas held by the M23 rebels and much much more.
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