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CRIENGLISH.com is China Radio International's official English website, providing comprehensive information on both Chinese and international affairs. Through our website, users can read program transcripts, view illustrations and hear English radio programs.

We are striving to act as a an information bridge, to introduce what's happening in China and around the world to you in an objective and balanced way, using an easily accessible broadcasting style.

CRIENGLISH.com employs senior editors with extensive work experience and an acute sense of what is news, as well as talented and promising young editors recruited from some of China's most prestigious universities. Additionally, professional journalists from the United States, United Kingdom and other regions, whose mother tongue is English, also work as copy editors.
Anyone interested in advertising opportunities on CRIENGLISH.com can contact us by email at crieng@cri.com.cn

Any other questions about our programming or other content should be sent by email to crieng@cri.com.cn