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2011-02-04 China's Social Development in the Past Decade
    2011-02-01 11:01:24     CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: luyuan

China's society has been one of a constant flux. In the past decade, a more open Chinese society, greater public debate and the rapid process of urbanization have spawned many profound social changes and led us to see the world around us in a new light.

Chinese women are gaining ground in wining more equal rights as their male counterparts. The appearance of more women managers in China speaks volumes of their rising status and the gradual disappearance of the glass ceiling in the job market.

The rapid pace of urbanization has plucked many rural citizens out of poverty and given them creature comforts which were once the privilege to city dwellers.

Migrant workers have long been the backbone for China's economy. But as more migrant workers flock to cities, they leave their family untended for. City managers are torn between scraping the Hukou system to give all city residents equal rights to social benefits and keeping system in place to keep the influx of rural workers from straining the limited urban resources.

So what are some of the most significant social changes that have taken place in China in the past 10 years? And what should be done to solve some of the immediate social challenges facing China today?

Ni hao, Chun Jie Kuai Le, you're listening to  People In the Know, bringing you insights into the headline news in China and around the world, I'm Zheng Chenguang in Beijing. In this edition of the show, we'll continue our Spring Festival specials by taking a look at China's urban and social development in the past 10 years.

We are joined by Prof. Chan Kam Wing, from Department of Geography at University of Washington, and Prof. Zang Xiaowei, Professor of Chinese Studies and Head of School of East Asian Studies with the University of Sheffield.



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