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Beijing Bans Commercial Ads on Tian'anmen Square, Chang'an Avenue
    2006-03-27 09:03:39      Xinhua
Commercial advertising is banned on Tian'anmen Square and Chang'an Avenue in downtown Beijing, according to Beijing Municipal Administration Committee.

The committee said that posters and publicity materials for commercial purposes are not allowed to appear on Tian'anmen Square,located at the center of Beijing. Commercial advertisements are also banned on the Jianguomen-Fuxingmen section of Chang'an Avenue,the main street running through Beijing from east to west, the Second Ring Road, and major highways. The ban also covers Beijing West Raliway Station and the Capital Airport.

The committee publicized its regulations on establishing posters and advertisements at public places on March 22.

The regulations requires that approval from the committee is necessary for establishment of posters and display of slogans at public places, and for posters and slogans at major venues approval by the municipal government or the State Council is needed.


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