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Salty spring-fed lakes stud this corner of the Gobi like colored jewels. Nuoertu, it is the biggest pearl in the sand sea.
Badain Jaran Desert---One of The Most Geologically Fascinating and Beautiful Deserts in the World
The Badain Jaran desert is the fourth largest desert in the world roughly 150 kilometers north of the Hexi corridor and covering an area of over 49,000 square kilometers.
Bactrian Camel
Looking for human traces on the desert's surface, the Bactrian camel, a two-humped domesticated camel, is the main transportation in the Badain Jaran.
The Changchun Film Studio (Changchun dianying zhipianchang) was the first film factory to be built after the establishment of the People's Republic of China (P.R.C.) in 1950. For almost half a century this huge studio remained the production base of numerous mainstream propaganda movies, movies that were to be hugely influential on the hearts and minds of a good proportion of the Chinese masses.
[Ctrip Destination Guide] Changchun [Audio] Taizhou
Travel Tips
Changchun boasts four distinct seasons-- Spring here is generally dry and windy; summer is short and warm... Between Dalian and Harbin, Changchun is the transportation hub of the province... Your best bet is to be situated on or near the northern section of Renmin Dajie...
Changchun is the midway between Harbin in the north and Dalian in the south... Changchun has almost every kind of cuisine in its environs, ranging from the closer Shandong and Beijing styles... Quality wine, Changbai ginseng, sable, pilose antler and frog oil. As for handicrafts, wood carving...
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