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Genghis Khan's Mausoleum
2006-02-28 09:29:33

The Genghis Khan's Mausoleum lies 30 kilometers south of Yijinhuoluo Qi (similar to county), 185 kilometers from Baotou.

Genghis Khan, also called Yuantaizu (the First Emperor of Yuan dynasty), whose true name is Tiemuzhen, had been the leader of Mongolia nationality. During the period from the end of the 12th century to the beginning of the 20th century, he unified different tribes of Mongolia to one country: Mengguhan Country.

Located on Gande'er'ao altitude, with a length of 15 kilometers, width of 30 kilometers and area of 225 square kilometers, the mausoleum is made up of four magnificent palaces in the shape of Mongolian yurts, which respectively are the main palace, the east palace, the west palace and the back palace, and the four palaces are connected each other. With rounded roofs and glazed tiles inlayed golden eaves, they are very glorious and imposing.

The 26 meters high main palace, with a huge sculpture of Genghis Khan in the middle of it, is the center for fete. After the ceremony of sacrificing, sports activity such as toxophily, horse race, and wrestling will be held.

The back palace contains Genghis Khan's tomb, which is covered by with yellow satin.

The east palace lays coffins of Genghis Khan's wife and his fourth son Tuolei. The west palace is used as an exhibition hall, with some relics of Genghis Khan, such as spear, sword, saddle and so on. 

Before death, Genghis Khan left testament that his death must be kept secret, in order to trick Xixia into surrendering to Mongolian. According to the consuetude of Mongolian, nobles should be buried under ground after death. The surface of Genghis Khan's tomb was trod by thousands of horses to make it smooth; then trees were planted on the land above the tomb, and the second year, green grass grew flourishing there. It says that after the burial 2,000 men were slaughtered by some 800 soldiers who were in turn executed so that the location of the real tomb remains a secret. So no one knows the exact place where Genghis Khan was buried from then on. In the mauseleum in Baotou only his clothing is buried in memory of the great leader.

Now, memorial ceremony for Genghis khan is held for four times each year and March 21st of the lunar calendar is the traditional date to hold the memorial ceremony. (Photo source:


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