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LeTV Sports to Name Beijing Wukesong Arena
   2015-12-18 14:55:53    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Chi Huiguang

[photo: newsplusradio.cn]

LeTV Sports announced on December 16th that it has obtained naming rights for Beijing's iconic Wukesong Arena, the basketball venue for the 2008 Olympic Games. Beyond that, LeSports promises to provide a package of intellectual services inside the arena and out.

Let's follow our reporter Chi Huiguang to find out the details of the smart stadium solution.


LeSports Center [photo: newsplusradio.cn]

The 18 thousand-seat Wukesong arena in Beijing will be renamed the LeSports Center from next year, in a five-year deal with the venue owner Bloomage International Investment Group. Lei Zhenjian, CEO of LeTV Sports made the announcement:

"From January 1st, 2016, Wukesong Arena will be renamed as LeSports Center officially."

Lei Zhenjian, CEO of LeTV Sports [photo: newsplusradio.cn]

It marks the first time that a top-level sports arena in China will be rebranded by an Internet company. The deal coincides with the ongoing 2nd World Internet Conference, and clearly shows that "Internet Plus" has become the driving force behind China's overall rapid development.

Liu Jianhong, CCO of LeTV Sports [photo: newsplusradio.cn]

Former sports anchor at China Central Televsion Liu Jianhong, now works as Chief Content Officer in LeTV Sports.

"At the same time today, in Wuzhen, east China Zhejiang province, another grand meeting is ongoing, World Internet Conference. Here what we are facing is exactly one lively example of internet plus sports. Now I would like to announce that LeTV Sports and other 3 partners including Bloomage International Investment Group, Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation and Chunqiu Time Culture Company, jointly established a company to provide intellectual solutions for arenas today."

Intellectualization has become a new trend for arenas around the globe, but most of which remain information islands, with no Wi-Fi service, nor smooth 3G or 4G signals.

The coming LeSports Center is going to realize the integration of communication network, internet and internet of things. Every smart equipment at anywhere in the arena will be able to download or upload with the speed of at least 1 mega bytes. Which means, spectators are able to find carports and their seats as soon as they arrive, order food and drinks at their seats while watching a game or enjoying a concert, get scores and data of the performances right away, book a taxi before their leaving.

Lei Zhenjian, CEO of LeTV Sports [photo: newsplusradio.cn]

Lei Zhenjian elaborates:

"We really want to bring the contents provided by our center, including live games and concerts, as well as the stars and retailors closer and closer to every user of ours."

Yin Liang, CEO of LeTV Music [photo: newsplusradio.cn]

In order to provide more service around the center, LeTV Music plans to carry out concerts combining online and offline service in the coming new year. Yin Liang is the CEO of LeTV Music:

"LeTV Music is going to end the age of luxury consumption for concert. We will not only live broadcast concerts online, but also sponsor offline concerts. We will bring concerts into a new era of O2O."

He also invites the first singer to perform in LeSports Center, Zhou Bichang, the first runner-up in the 2005 Super Girl Competition, which is a Chinese version of Pop Idol for female contestants.

Zhou Bichang and Yin Liang, CEO of LeTV Music [photo: newsplusradio.cn]

"I always like to try some fresh things. And nowadays we are living in an age of technology. I hope I can keep up with the pace of the time by trying something new. I think the cooperation with LeTV both online and offline is a good beginning of innovation."

With a whole new solution for the smart arena, the spectators may expect a better consumption experience on all the associative services with lower prices and more interactions.

For Studio+, I am Chi Huiguang. 


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