Contest Winner's Jiangxi Trip
v Contest Winner's Jiangxi Journals Day 6, May 22nd
On our last day touring Jiangxi, we had the most fun hiking on Sanqing Mountain.
v Contest Winner's Jiangxi Journals Day 5, May 21st
The architectures are all well-kept, especially those wooden carvings for inner decoration that are intricate.
v Contest Winner's Jiangxi Journals Day 1 to 4
In the first six days, the ten top prizewinners tour three major tourism attractions, Lushan Mountain, Wuyuan, and Sanqing Mountain. Then they head back to Beijing to visit the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.
v Winners of CRI Contest Awarded in Jiangxi
The Awards Ceremony for CRI's Winners of the Global Knowledge Contest for "Charming Jiangxi" was held at Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi Province on Thursday.
v Wuyuan
It's one of the top recommendations for travelers who want to taste the real beauty of China's rural scenery and the idyllic country lifestyle.