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UN Council Concerned About Situation in Post-Election Haiti
    2006-02-16 04:41:09

The UN Security Council released a press statement on Wednesday, calling on Haitian authorities to fully investigate the process of the elections and urging all Haitians to refrain from violence as the results of the election are tabulated and reviewed.
In the statement, the Council called on all the Haitian people to uphold their commitment to democracy and the rule of law manifest in their peaceful participation in the vote of Feb. 7 by refraining from violence. 
"They urge all Haitians with concerns or questions about possible post-electoral irregularities to pursue these peacefully and legally with the Haitian electoral authorities immediately," the statement said.
Notably, the Council also called for a thorough investigation on the alleged fraud in the elections, urging "those authorities to fully investigate those charges."
The Council reiterated their call for all Haitians to respect the results of the election when they are announced and to remain engaged in the political process.
Actually, it is the second statement on Haiti by the Council this week, and the latest effort of the Council to calm down the situation in Haiti.
On Tuesday, the council issued a presidential statement, urging all parties to remain calm while the final results of the election are being certified.
The Council expressed their expectation in the statement that the counting of ballots and the remaining steps in the electoral process mandated by Haitian law will continue to be transparent and meet international standards.
They also strongly urged all parties to respect the results of the election and refrain from violence.
Meanwhile, the Council unanimously passed a resolution on Tuesday that extended the mandate of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) until Aug. 15 "with the intention to renew for further periods."
It also supported UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's recommendations in his recent report on Haiti, and asked him to report to the Council on "whether to restructure MINUSTAH's mandate after the new government takes office, including recommendations for ways in which MINUSTAH can support reform and strengthening of key institutions."
Haiti is now facing mounting tensions due to allegations of fraud in the elections. Protests erupted when election results indicated candidate Rene Preval did not get 50 percent of the vote needed to secure victory in the first round.
The Haiti authority has announced Tuesday that vote fraud claims made by Haiti's top candidate Rene Preval will be probed by a commission made up of members of his party, electoral and government officials.

(Source: Xinhua)

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