Argentina Accepts UN Mediation over Malvinas Islands Dispute
    2012-02-12 12:30:53     Xinhua       Web Editor: Guo

Maldives' new President Dr. Mohammed Waheed speaks during a press conference in capital Male on Feb. 11, 2012. Amidst international demand for clarification on Tuesday's power transfer from former President Mohamed Nasheed to his vice president, Maldives announced on Saturday that an independent inquiry would be conducted on the allegation of coup d'etat in the Indian ocean island nation. [Photo: Xinhua]

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Argentina has accepted a UN offer to mediate with Britain over the long-disputed Malvinas Islands (Britain calls them the Falkland Islands),the foreign ministry has said.

According to a statement from the foreign ministry, Foreign Minister Hector Timerman on Friday briefed UN General Assembly President Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser on the recent escalation of the dispute over the disputed islands.

Al-Nassar expressed hope that the two governments would use peaceful means under the framework of international law to resolve the issue and offered to mediate.

Argentina and Britain both have long claimed sovereignty over the disputed islands, some 460 km off of the Argentine coast. The spat led to a war in 1982, which ended with Argentina failing to occupy the islands but refusing to acknowledge British rule of the territory.

Argentina recently appealed to the United Nations to protest against an increased British military presence near the disputed islands as the 30-year anniversary of the war that killed more than 900 people approaches. Britain claimed that the warships it has sent to the region were part of a routine deployment.