Beijing to Plant More Trees to Combat Pollution
   2012-02-08 19:54:20      Web Editor: yangyang66


Xinhua reports on new steps to be taken to improve air quality for the Beijing area. A total of 133 square km of trees will be planted on the outskirts of Beijing this year, announced by the Beijing Municipal Gardening and Greening Bureau.

The new forests will mainly cover both sides of the sixth-ring road and important river roads, as well as 50 villages that will be relocated in the suburban areas. Xinhua says in the project, the Beijing Olympic Forest Park will also be extended to the sixth ring road in the northern part of the city.

In the east, the areas surrounding Beijing Capital International Airport will also be planted with more trees and greenery. The measure is intended to build several "green channels" of clean airflow, by connecting the green areas in downtown Beijing with the forests in the suburbs.
Trees will be just one of the eight plans to reduce air pollution in the capital.

Amid controversy over conflicting forecasts of Air Quality between Beijing authorities and the AMerican Embassy, Beijing has now begun measuring the international PM 2.5 standard.


Xinhua also has some hard-hitting news about KFC in China.
Branches of KFC are reportedly denying that a so-called "handsomedelivery boy service" widely discussed on the Internet, exists.

Web surfers are deflated after speculation arose that the fast foodchain would despatch good-looking men to deliver food upon request.

On Friday, KFC used Sina Weibo to deny that customers can designate handsome boys to deliver food for them, stating that KFC only runs a "normal delivery service. KFC also called on customers to be kind tothe hard-working delivery staff.

The buzz about the so-called "handsome delivery boy service" stemmed from a blog posted by "bosnia_woshikaogong" on Weibo on February 1.

The blogger says she ordered food on the KFC official site and wrote down she wanted a handsome man to deliver food to her. Later, a "rangy handsome delivery boy with big eyes and white skin "delivered her order.

She even claimed the branch called her 10 minutes after his arrival, "confirming 'is the delivery boy pretty?'"
"The boy covered his face with his hands because of shyness and then stammered, 'Am... I... satisfying?"


Reuters reports the cold snap in Europe continues to take a toll on traffic patterns.

Piles of sauerkraut tumbled out of a truck on a busy German motorway and quickly froze to the autobahn surface.

Police say it caused amassive traffic jam near Frankfurt during Tuesday's morning rush hour. The truck, carrying hundreds of packages of the famous German pickled cabbage delicacy, crashed into another vehicle before dawn near the western town of Friedberg.

With temperatures far below zero for the last week, the sauerkraut froze almost instantly and created impassable obstacles. The traffic was back up for 10 km, and the motorway was completely shut down forfour hours while authorities struggled to scrape the frozen sauerkraut away.

Reuters gives another hot headline with the announcement of a Mustache Film Festival.

Clearly aiming at an even higher film standard than at Cannes, Portland will be playing host to its first-ever international mustache film festival.

The festival is set for the end of March, and will feature short films with storylines that involve mustaches or a main character who wears a mustache.

The idea for the mustache film festival, believed to be the first of its kind, grew out of an annual mustache pageant held locally to benefit arts and cancer research organizations. This year's 2012 Stache Pag will feature contestants wearing of mustaches, from handlebars to horseshoes. There are also the walrus and Fu Manchu styles.

To be considered for the festival, films must be eight minutes or less. Submissions have been received from as far away as Norway.


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