Lord Rabbit Worshipping Returns to Yuetan Park
   2011-09-11 17:24:54    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Yihang

Children look at Lord Rabbit figurines on display at Yuetan Park on Saturday, September 10, 2011. [Photo: Beijing Evening News]

A total of 300 Lord Rabbit figurines (or Tu'er Ye in Chinese) went on display Saturday on a newly erected stage for a moon-worshiping ceremony at Beijing's Yuetan Park where Ming and Qing emperors used to worship the moon, the "Beijing Morning Post" reports.

The moon-worshiping ceremony is believed to be the first Lord Rabbit-worshiping ritual in modern time since 1906 when this old tradition originated.

Lord Rabbit figurines, which combine a human body and a rabbit's head, are a traditional mascot of the Mid-Autumn Festival in the Chinese capital as well as one of the most popular toys of ancient folklore, symbolizing not only local folk culture but also wishes for happiness, peace and family harmony.

In Chinese folklore, moon-worshiping was usually done by women with their children in tow imitating their behavior. It later evolved into a special Lord Rabbit-worshipping ritual exclusively for children.

During this year's Mid-Autumn festival, children can pay tribute to Tu'er Ye by coming to Yuetan Park and bowing before the Lord Rabbit figurines.

A grand royal moon-worshiping ceremony will also take place on Sunday evening at the park.



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