1992: Southern Tour Talks by Deng Xiaoping
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Southern Tour Talks by Deng Xiaoping

In early 1992, former leader Deng Xiaoping paid a visit to a few southern cities, including Shenzhen, the most successful Special Economic Zone. During the tour, he criticized those who harbored doubts about the country's reform and open-up policy and stressed the importance of economic development. Deng urged the Chinese people to further emancipate their minds, be bolder and develop faster than before in conducting reform and opening up to the outside world. This was also called the Second Movement to Emancipate Minds.

During the tour, Deng also creatively solved some of the major problems which had troubled China, especially the relationship between socialism and a market economy. He noted that a market economy did not equal to capitalism and that socialism also has its own market.

Deng's talks, which helped bring China's reform program back on track, are considered to have had far-reaching historic significance for the country's economic development.


The State Council made a decision to speed up the development of the service sector, emphasizing the tourism industry's status as part of the country's tertiary sector. Most provinces, autonomous regions and cities directly under the jurisdiction of the central government made the tourism industry a pillar industry to support.

The State Council approved 12 national tourism resorts. The National Tourism Board constituted The Standard of Service in the Tourism Industry.