Professional Company Assists Chinese Enterprises In Recruiting Overseas Talents
    2013-04-24 16:21:25       Web Editor: Duan Lei

As unemployment rates grow day by day across North America and Europe, a vast number of international and domestic companies based in China are opening new positions on the back of China's stable economic growth. Thousands of recent graduates getting ready to squeeze in job markets are setting their way to Beijing and Shanghai. More and more foreign students coming to China to intern for 3 to 6 months before they graduated, and this add lots of value to those students and the Chinese companies.

"Foreign students are finding internships in China on the back of its strong economy, which is developing much better at the moment than that of the United States or Europe", said Milen Marinov, marketing manager of Go Abroad China, a culture exchange firm, host several hundreds of students each year. "This abroad internship experience can add the value for those students".

Regardless of the amount of positions opened for foreigners in China, job seekers have to undergo a number of difficulties which, in the first place, are connected with differences in recruitment procedures. That is why students and graduates looking into career opportunities in China tend to seek for professional help. Currently there are about ten companies providing services to connect employers in China and overseas job seekers in Beijing and Shanghai. The companies select and pre-interview applicants and find matching positions in related field. After providing a suitable placement, they also resolve visa and accommodation issues prior to applicants' arrival to China. Nevertheless, what employment market analytics find the most important is the legal side of the question, as the companies secure applicants' positions with legal contracts and factual agreements.

Mr. Kou, Director of Carbon Financing and Structuring at Carbon Capital Trading shared his experience of hosting a foreign intern:

"It was an absolute pleasure having Richard as an intern this semester! His work ethic and intelligence made him an outstanding addition to our office, and he contributed significantly to the mission of our department. I feel both the CTC and the student benefited from the internship experience. Now we are going to open more internship positions for foreign students and graduates"

Richard with his coworkers at Carbon Capital Trading

"I am very glad that I undertook this program", said Sean Read, an intern at an international company based in Beijing, "the opportunities that have already come out of my brief time in Beijing are numerous and exciting, both professionally and personally."

"The opportunity to intern in a huge world wide known company does look appealing. But the reality is that big companies tend to treat interns less seriously that middle-sized ones. For a recent graduate considering gaining real work experience, it would be reasonable to apply for a position in a company with smaller amount of employees. This way you can make sure that you will get a lot of tasks to fulfill, and gain the experience respectively", said form Milen Valch Marinov. "The best strategy for a long-term development in China is a timid start at a low paid position. The most successful foreigners often take a low paying internship to start. After two or three years of proving their value, learning Mandarin, and networking, they finally achieve their goals".

 America Student and his Internship Supervisor

Maria Shatalova managing internship matching process of company Go Abroad China shared her opinion. 
"Talent mobility is gaining its strength and scale in China. The reason is the growing number of companies seeking for international expending and getting multinational. Leading and developing Chinese enterprises are recruiting young specialists from around the world," she said. "As a professional foreign interns recruitment company, we believe that internationalization has become a fast developing trend. We strongly call for more international business companies to join to speed up the pace of internationalization of China"


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