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Actress Yao Chen Announces Divorce

Actress Yao Chen Admits to New Love
Chinese actress Yao Chen has admitted she is in a new relationship with cinematographer Cao Yu following her divorce with ex-husband and fellow actor Ling Xiaosu.
Yao Chen, Actress
Born in 1979, Yao Chen pursued her acting dreams at the Beijing Film Academy. She achieved major fame with her role in the 2006 period sitcom "My Own Swordsman". In 2009, she worked with actor Sun Honglei in the espionage TV drama "Lurk", which went on to become one of the highest-rated Chinese TV dramas of that year. She also starred in such films as "If You Are the One 2". [Read more]
Ling Xiaosu, Actor
Ling Xiaosu was born on May 22, 1980 to a filmmaking family. His mother and grandfather are directors. Like Yao Chen, Ling Xiaosu takes acting as his career, but he is less-known than his ex-wife. He worked with Yao Chen in the 2010 romantic TV drama, "Days with the Air Hostess", attracting attention for a real-life couple portraying an on-screen romance. [Read more]
Chinese celebrity couple, Yao Chen and Ling Xiaosu, announced the end of their seven-year marriage on January 28, 2011. This came as a shock for many, as the couple showed few signs of not getting along. Rather, they always appeared in front of the public as a happy couple. While both Yao and Ling avoided mentioning what led to their divorce, rumors have been running rampant that each found a new love.

Let's take a look at the ex-couple's romantic footsteps.

v Yao Chen and Ling Xiaosu were in the same class during their college days at the Beijing Film Academy.
v They began dating in 2001 during their sophomore year.
v In 2003, shortly after graduation, they registered their marriage.
v In 2010, they portrayed a couple in the romantic TV drama, "Days with the Air Hostess".

My Own Swordsman
(Film Version; 2011)

Color Me Love

If You Are the One 2

Sophie's Revenge


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Harlem Yu and Annie Yineng Jing

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Feng Xiaogang: Love has a life-span that no one could get rid of. Falling in love is a process of hypnosis. The best result for them is to wake up simultaneously.
Ni Hongjie: Everyone has many responsibilities for family, friends and society. On the other side, as each person lives once, no doubt he should be responsible for his life, making himself happy.

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Yao Chen and Ling Xiaosu announced the end of their seven-year marriage on January 28, 2011. What do you think ultimately led to their divorce?
Yao Chen is becoming more famous, which gives Ling too much stress.
The seven-year itch
Yao Chen is too busy to have a baby with Ling.
One or both sides of the couple have found a new love.