• China Giant Panda Valley: Patience and Virtue at Work
About the Event
• Awards Ceremony for 2012 Chinese City Rankings Held in Beijing
Ten Chinese cities, including Shenzhen, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Pu'er, Yinchuan and Jiujiang, were selected as the most innovative cities in this year's ranking.
• Awarding Ceremony for CRI's Chinese City Rankings to Be Held in Beijing
The award ceremony for CRI's Chinese City Rankings project as well as a summit on the creativity of Chinese cities will be held on December 12 in Beijing.
• Results of Chinese City Rankings Event Unveiled
The 10 most innovative Chinese cities have been unveiled in the Chinese City Rankings online campaign organized by CRI Online, the official website of China Radio International.
• About Chengdu and Shenzhen
Chengdu is the paradise for tourists. Abundant in the gifts of nature, historic sites, unique culture of recreation and the world-known Sichuan cuisine.
• Introduction to the Press Tour
As an integral part of the 2012 Chinese City Rankings, reporters attending the press tour for the foreign media will visit Chengdu and Shenzhen during 22 to 28, August.
• Tai Chi: Ancient Techniques Still Change Lives
Singh had come to China looking for change, but upon arriving in Chengdu, changes were all that there was.
• XLY MoMA - Baijiu Never Looked so Good
The gallery, which is dedicated to the works by Xu Liaoyuan himself, is located near the San Shen Flower Village, a short trip from Chengdu.
• The Re-envisioning of Luodai Ancient Town
The spot has long been a popular getaway for tourists, but Luodai is now taking its tourism development to the next level.
• Shenzhen's Central Book City
Billed as the largest book store in the world, Central Book City is more like a book-focused shopping mall.
• China Giant Panda Valley: Patience and Virtue at Work
Pandas need a little bit of help from their friends, and Panda Valley in Dujiangyan is doing its best to help captive pandas get what they need to survive in the wild.
• Shenzhen: Beyond Manufacturing
There will be challenges in changing a manufacturing focused industry to a design focused one, but for now, Shenzhen looks like it is ready to jump into the future.
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Beijing's Best Art Galleries Part 1: UCCA
Exclusive Interviews
• Beijing's Park Life - The Temple of Heaven • Beijing's Park Life - The Old Summer Palace
• Vegging Out - Vegan Hut
William gets competitive at Vegan Hut. And Lucy may have a contest of her own, if William gets his way. Raw and whole foods are integral to both.
• [Video] Vegging Out - Sunao
William hopes that a culinary tour around Asia and beyond can help get Lucy back on her feet.
• [Video] Vegging Out - Samadhi
William and Lucy test the boundaries between zenning out and contemporary fine dining at this Buddhist-style restaurant.
• Vegging Out - Tianchumiaoxiang
William and Lucy peek into the kitchen for a clue before settling down to test the goods.
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