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NOTCH 09 Rocks China to Find ID-entity

Nordic countries are no longer out of reach for Chinese people as NOTCH 09, otherwise known as the Nordic-China Arts Festival, was launched simultaneously on October 24th in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

NOTCH09 Opens

The Japanese architect Kengo Kuma designed Diamond building will be transformed into the space of iDEN, a metaphor of micro design studio culture, presents architecture, graphic design, fashion design, photography and video art works from Nordic countries and China.

About NOTCH09

The 4th installment of the NOrdic + CHinese Festival.

The scope expands from audio-visual performance to architecture, design and art, the areas that Nordic countries standout in the global scene.

The main venue in Beijing is at the VILLAGE.

i-MART + Silent Disco,10/31

Audio-Visual night I, 10/24

ID-remix Conference, 10/25

Audio-Visual night II, 10/30


 Halloween Sleeping Concert, 10/31

Closing Party, 11/6

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