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2,000km Walk to Save a Son's Life
    2010-02-23 15:59:17     CRIENGLISH.com
A Mother's love is the sweetest and most delicate of all, something that science is unable to fully explain. It consists of deep devotion, sacrifice and pain, endless and enduring. Chen Yurong, a 55-year-old Chinese mother, has displayed all of these qualities. She has been walking 10 kilometers everyday for seven months in order to donate a liver transplant to save her son's life. In doing so, she was recently chosen by China Central Television as one of the "Top Ten People Who Inspired China in 2009".

Our reporter Larry Chen brings you Chen Yusong's story.

A mother's happiness is to see her healthy son.[photo:btv.com.cn]


November the 3rd, 2009 was one of the most memorable days for Chen Yurong and her family. It was on this day that she successfully transplanted her healthy liver into her son's body, thus saving his life. However, for this successful operation to take place, Chen Yurong went through almost unimaginable difficulties.

18 years ago, Chen's son developed liver disease. In 2008, the disease went from bad to worse. The doctor told Chen that her son's life could end at anytime if he didn't receive a transplant as soon as possible. Chen Yurong took it upon herself to do everything within her power to save her son's life. And that included donating her own liver.

However, when Chen went to hospital for a physical examination, the doctor gave her some bad news. Chen Xiaoping was the doctor.

"We discovered she had a fatty liver, which is not ideal for a transplant operation."

The doctors said the donor must have a completely healthy liver. The only way to improve the health of a liver is to adjust one's diet and do more exercise to lose weight. Such changes in lifestyle can result in fast improvements. However, it seemed this was still not fast enough for Chen's son.

But Chen was not discouraged. Her only desire was to save her son's life and she believed that as long as she stuck to her new healthy regime, she would be able to improve the health of her liver in a short time.

From that moment on, Chen started her new lifestyle plan designed to save her son. This mainly consisted of briskly walking ten kilometers everyday. After 50 days, the weather grew warmer, and because she was eating much less than before, Chen said she was losing strength.

"When I was walking, I always had the feeling my body was upside down. Sometimes I had to pause for a short while. Some people told me to give up, but I knew I must continue. If I stopped, my liver would not be healthy and my son would not get cured. I only have one son and I'll do anything to save his life no matter how hard."

After seven months of walking Chen returned to hospital to receive the good news that her liver was now completely healthy. In 211 days she walked 2110 kilometers with a mother's firm and inflexible love for her son.

Because of her unwavering spirit, Chen Yurong was named one of the "Top Ten People Who Inspired China in 2009" by CCTV, China's state television. The words during the presentation recounted that "Walking is actually a marathon of life." Chen Yurong's courage proved to the entire world the strength of a mother's love for her son. When receiving her award, Chen cried, saying it was the best moment of her life.

"After the operation, the feeling of happiness has remained. It is like a big stone has finally been moved out of my heart. During those seven months, I kept telling myself that no matter what, I was determined to give my son a complete healthy liver. As his mother, I was responsible for saving his life."

Ye Haibin is Chen Yurong's son. He is still recovering from the operation, but says he does not know how to thank his mother.

"It's hard to express my feelings. I feel I owe my mom a lot. She suffered much more than many other people can bear. I would like to say thank you to her, which I know is far from enough."

For Chen Yurong's part, she says the person she wants to thank the most is her husband. Throughout all this time, her husband worked hard to earn enough money to support the family and the operation. Her husband was also the person who gave the most psychological support. But Ye Haibin's life would not have been saved but for the perseverance of his mother. Let's remember her name: Chen Yurong, a truly dedicated mother.

For China Now, I'm larry Chen.


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