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Liza Wang, the "Big Sister" of the Hong Kong Entertainment Industry
    2009-05-20 15:56:52     CRIENGLISH.com

Liza Wang [source: baidu.com]

62-year-old Wang Mingquan, or Liza Wang as she is also known, finally tied the knot with Hong Kong actor Law Kar-ying early this month in Las Vegas, after a 20-year long relationship.

Liza is known as "Big Sister" in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, indicating the regard in which she is held. Chen Zhe has her story.

Liza Wang gained popularity with mainland audiences in 1980 when the TV series 'Crossing the Water Always Love' was aired on the mainland. In it, Liza played a university student who loves her motherland. She also sang the program's theme song.

She later became well known for her interpretation of that song. In fact, over the years this track has become a classic.

Born in Shanghai in 1947, Liza Wang moved to Hong Kong when she was a third grader in primary school. 

"I wanted to go back to Shanghai when I first arrived in Hong Kong because I had no idea about the place. I didn't understand Cantonese, let alone English. The pressure was huge. However I had no choice but to be with my family."

After she graduated from middle school, she enrolled in a performing arts class at a TV station as one of nine students chosen from over one thousand candidates in 1966.

The next year Liza Wang became a TV hostess. In 1970 she went to study dance and singing in Japan at her own expense to increase her competitiveness. That was an uncommon thing to do at the time. But her success after graduation proved it to be the correct choice as she joined Television Broadcasts Limited or TVB, the first commercial television station in Hong Kong, the next year. Her acting career peaked after that. She was the lead actress in many popular TV series and films. At the same time, she felt the pressure which comes with achieving quick fame. 

"Being known by more and more people is not necessarily a good thing. I hated repeating myself and I've always worried that I may use up my talent."

After her great success acting in 'Cross the Water Always Love' in 1980, she has gradually moved away from the spotlight of the stage and turned her focus instead to politics. In the 1980s, Liza Wang was nominated as a delegate to the National People's Congress of China from 1988 to 1997. She considered it an honour to serve the people of Hong Kong. 

Since 1990, she revived her career as a performer and began playing in Cantonese dramas. 

"I entered another stage and partnered with Luo Jiaying. At that time, I transformed myself from a TV personality to an actress of Cantonese opera. It was a great opportunity for me."

Her love of Cantonese opera led her to experiment with stage musicals, before becoming a fully fledged Cantonese opera actress. Her involvement in this scene greatly contributed to her musical abilities and the promotion of the traditional Chinese opera.

Acting in over 60 TV series and films and winning about a hundred awards, Wang Mingquan has become the "Big Sister" in Hong Kong entertainment circles.

No matter what she engages in, her co-workers praise her as being dedicated, diligent and self-disciplined.

Recalling her 40 year acting career, Liza says her passion for performing gives her the best motivation to move forward.

"We only have limited energy and capabilities. Thus we should try our best to do our jobs. Performing on the stage has been my only interest. I think it's enough if I really devote my time and energy to it. "

In 2002, the diva was diagnosed with breast cancer and after her recovery; she became a member of the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society to promote public awareness of cancer prevention.

While her acting career has now taken on a slower pace she still enjoys the stage and plans to continue her career there for some time to come.

For China Now, I'm Chen Zhe.



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