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Tan Jing, a Singing Angel
    2008-12-17 14:49:33     CRIENGLISH.com

Last week, we got to know Nyima Lamo, a Tibetan postal worker who was named one of China's top ten outstanding youths of the year. And today, we will introduce to you Tan Jing, a soldier soprano who also received this great honour. Our reporter Chen Xi has more.

Tan Jing [photo: cri.cn]

Born into a musical family in Houma City in North China's Shanxi Province, Tan Jing showed her amazing talent for singing when she was merely six years old. 

At the age of nine, she put on her first performance together with her parents. Two years later, she began to receive training in professional singing from her mother, a then well-known local singer.

In 1994, Tan Jing was enrolled in the the Chinese Conservatory of Music, majoring in folk vocal music. After graduating from the academy with high grades in 1998, she entered the 'General Military Choir of China' and became a soldier singer.

This was the job Tan Jing had been dreaming of since her childhood. 

"I wanted to become a soldier when I was a little girl. My grandpa always said the most regretable thing in his life was that he had not been enrolled in the army. I think the female soldiers are very cool. I also like singing. So a soldier singer is really an ideal job for me."

For her penetrating voice and outstanding vocal performances, Tan Jing soon became one of the most welcomed solo singers in the army and won many prizes in both national and international singing competitions.

While her singing career took off, Tan Jing never stopped pursuing higher education. Performing with the choir all over China, she kept studying in the musicology department in the Art Academy of the PLA. In July 2006, she finished her graduate program and became the first pop singer with a Master's degree in China.

On September 12 that year, to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Austria as well as Mozart's 250th birthday, Tan Jing held a solo concert at Vienna's 'Golden Hall' entitled the 'Sound of Harmony'. 

It was an unforgettable experience and remarkable moment for Tan Jing.
"I was anxious when I started singing but gradually I felt relaxed. After I finished my first song and greeted the audience, I felt completely at ease as if I was singing for a group of my old friends. Music can break all barriers, including those between different nations and languages."

As the first Chinese pop singer to have a solo concert at the Vienna's 'Golden Hall', Tan Jing is innovative in finding new ways to sing. She combines the advantages of Bel canto, pop music and folk songs and can easily switch from one genre to another. Her style is decent, simple and moving. Her voice is clear, pure, and contains a rich quality.

Besides performing, Tan Jing also donates her time and money to public welfare, anti-drug campaigns and AIDS patients.

For her great contributions and benevolence, she has been honored as a "philanthropy star" by the 'Chinese Women and Children Fund Association', and chosen as an ambassador for many charity projects. 

"I think helping others is helping yourself and you can feel very happy and satisfied in doing so. Whenever you see someone you have helped smile, you will smile too."

Being selected as one of China's top ten outstanding youths of the year, Tan Jing is still singing on the stage and actively working as a charity ambassador. For people who have got help from her, she is just like a singing angel.

Now, let's enjoy a representative piece from Tan Jing, "On the East Mountain Top." For Beyond Beijing, I'm Chen Xi.



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