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Gigi Leung , Ambassador of China Children's Health
    2007-11-02 14:59:06     CRIENGLISH.com


Gigi Leung plays together with local residents in Inner Mongolia.

Gigi Leung is a Hong Kong singer and actress who always brings to her fans a pure and smiling face. With a height of 174 cm, she has the nickname of "Tall Girl".

Her typical bob hairstyle makes her more delicate and distinctive. Gigi Leung was appointed as the "Ambassador of China Children's Health" by the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF in 2000.

Gigi has visited rural areas in mainland China many times to help out the local children. This is not an easy thing for such a busy star. 


Gigi Leung has been a very popular singer and actress in Hong Kong and Asia. In July 2000, she was appointed the "Ambassador of China Children's Health" by the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF. In the past seven years, Gigi paid personal visits to five different poor areas in China.

She recently finished her one week visit to northern China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, one of the poorest provinces in China. Gigi hopes her visit can arouse public awareness on health problems for the local children.

"This is the fifth time for me to visit the rural areas as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. I believe that celebrities do have such influence to convene more people to pay attention to children in poor areas. Children are the leaders of tomorrow's society. They're innocent and they should have the right to be healthy and well educated, I hope everyone can offer their helping hands to them."

Gigi had direct personal contact with families experiencing tragedy in the county in the region's north-east. Gigi recalls a poor family that made a deep impression on her. 

"This family just lost a newborn infant. The infant died 23 days after birth when his family failed to seek care for the fever he developed soon after delivery. Attempted treatment by a village doctor did not help him, and his parents could not afford the costs of transportation to the nearest township clinic for treatment."

Gigi is deeply moved by the loss of the parents. She laments the unfair fate of the lost infant and stresses that every child has the right to live. She says she will make every effort to help them.

 "My first visit with the UNICEF was in 2003 to Tibet . I first witnessed the poor living conditions of the local children. That was totally different from my childhood. In Hong Kong, we took for granted the availability of food, water, transportation and good care.

There, people are struggling with very basic conditions. My heart goes out to them and I am glad to be able to help by participating in UNICEF's activities. I think only one visit is not enough. There're so many children who need help. I will try to do more within my capacity."

Gigi Leung has funded three primary schools on the Chinese mainland. Hundreds of children who had been out of school returned to the classroom again.

"Last year I wrote a song for the children when I went to southwestern China's Guizhou province. The song was about the children there who treated me with their only biscuits.

Despite the fact that they live a poor life, they were happy. Sometimes people live in the cities are so greedy that even they have already got a lot of things, they still feel empty in their hearts.

But for those people living in the rural areas, having a decent dinner with their family is the happiest moment for them. To me, this is the sense of true happiness." Actions speak louder than words.

Gigi's charitable activities have gained her numerous admirers and true followers. However, the slim star always keeps a humble stance on this issue.

"Compared to other clerks who have worked for a long time for UNICEF, I really did very little. As a well-known singer, I hope to arouse more concerns from the public for these poor children. They should also have happy childhoods."



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