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Yuan Quan, the Lonely Flower
    2007-07-31 16:03:24     CRIENGLISH.com


The amber eyed girl likes hiding quietly in a corner behind the curtain while waiting for her role to begin. If you watch her face, it's beautiful. But when she showed up on stage, the light turned on and you could only watch and be enchanted. She's like a blossoming flower.

Meng Jinghui, China's pioneer drama director was awe-struck.

"Yuan Quan is a very quiet, exquisite and smart actress. She is as unpredictable as a black cat in real life. As a drama actress, she is outstanding. She has a natural gift to command attention on the stage. The sense of sculpture and the beauty of theatrical form are perfectly embodied in her. I love to work with such an excellent and charming actress."

There is a unique sense of elegance and innocence in her performance. However, that quality has little to do with her age, but rather her state of mind, an interior purity. Right now, her style can be defined as "sweet and cute". Yet her potential has already felt by literary critics as well as professionals in theatrical circles. They are impressed, not only by her stunning outward beauty, but also the ever growing inner strength that helps her to interpret various roles on the stage.

Born in central China's Hubei province, Yuan Quan was keen on art since her childhood. At the age of 11, she was recruited by the affiliated middle school of the National Academy of Chinese Theatrical Arts, where she spent seven years studying Peking Opera. She still remembers her debut, where she presented the audience with the famous Peking Opera aria, Su San Left Hong Tong County.

The solid traditional opera training bestows her special advantage on the drama stage. Three dramas, namely, Amber, Song of Light and Shadow, and Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land, have led her gradually yet firmly towards acknowledgement and success in the theatre.

The first play which brought her attention was Amber, a multimedia production by Meng Jinghui. The drama depicts a love story between a callous and hysteric dandy and a serene, beautiful and mystic girl. Although her performance received a warm response from audiences, it's still a pity to see her outweighed by her opposing actor, Liuye.

Female: "80 and 160, your blood pressure is a little bit high"
Male: "they should let other nurses do the measurement. Anyone's blood pressure would rise if they saw a cute girl like you walking into the ward"
Female: "stop joking, and then you may live a few days longer"
Male: "if I can live longer, will you have dinner with me?"

Following Amber was a musical tribute to the Chinese movie, Song of Light & Shadow, helmed by China's top music producer Jonathan Lee.

"I have faith in Yuan Quan that she is a great singer. Still I am surprised by so many details conveyed through her voice. The emotion infused into her singing beats many professional singers."

Yet it was her performance in Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land, a reproduction of classic modern Chinese theatre, which marked her transcendence of the inherent self. She set out to experience richness and melancholy on the journey of life.

Back anchor: We'll have to finish today's programme with the theme song of Secret Love. So is Yuan Quan, who is at the end of a seven- year love affair with her boy friend. Yet we all believe that it's only the beginning of her glamorous theatrical career.



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