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Xia Yu-A Diligent Actor
    2007-07-11 15:38:31     CRIENGLISH.com


He may not be a prolific actor, but every one of his films has been a box office hit.

With his first film "In the Heat of the Sun", he won the Best Actor award at the Venice International Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival and Taiwan's Golden Horse Award.

"The Law of Romance" won him a Golden Rooster Award.

"Waiting Alone" earned him a Best Actor award at the 12th Student Film Festival Awards.

His name is Xia Yu, one of China's top 4 hottest actors. 

Xia Yu was born in Eastern China's Shandong province in 1976. His father was once an actor and then became a painter. Maybe because his father wanted Xia Yu to realize his cherished dream, he helped him to become an actor.

"At that time Jiang Wen was making preparations for his movie "In the Heat of the Sun". He put advertisements everywhere looking for an actor. At that time my father was working in Beijing, he saw the advertisement on TV. He sent my picture to the producer. They called me to come by and audition, and just like that I got the job."

That's how Xia Yu was initiated into the world of acting, and how he came to collaborate with famous Chinese actor Jiang Wen, who directed this semi-autobiographical film. Although some people say Xia Yu was only chosen because of his physical resemblance to a young Jiang Wen, his spirited and moving performance of a renegade youth conquered audiences.

He achieved international fame by winning many awards for this first film role, including a Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival. As he was only 18 at that time, he became the youngest actor to ever win the award.

Despite his big success of 1994, Xia Yu didnt go on performing in films as people expected. He chose to study at the Central Academy of Drama, the most prestigious acting school in Beijing.

"I didn't want my first success to be a fluke, I wanted to go on using my skills and not have that be a fluke. And also, at that time, I think I was still too young to work ."

After receiving professional training at school, Xia Yu, again, returned to the big screen. By now the fortunate young boy has grown into a young man. He ventures to play many different roles, not caring whether it's a leading or a supporting one, or whether the director is famous or not. He just sincerely focuses on the script, the role and his performance.

"I am not a protagonist, I'm just an actor. If the character is good, why not? For a movie, we cannot say like, 'OK, let's work together'. It must be the right scrip, if the character suits me, then we can work together. I think sometimes it's just fate. Often the script I like turns out to be the director's own work. I don't know why that is. Maybe I have a sense for great works."

With this serious attitude towards performing, Xia Yu has matured as an actor; he is still very serious about every role he takes on. We can see that from his recent role as an emperor in a TV series.

"That role was a big challenge for me. Emperors are so removed from currently reality. For that role I read a lot of books about history, and I really thought about the role, I really gave it my best."

Xia Yu's efforts won him great praise from audiences. He has been dubbed by the media as one of the top four hottest young actors in China. In the face of such compliments, Xi Yu himself is quite humble and clear-headed.

"I only try my best to do my work, I never think about anything else. The result for me is the most important thing. If the end result is good, I am very happy, and I will try my best again."

As he himself says, Xia Yu never stops trying, not only in films, but also in different acting genre. Recently his performance in the stage drama "Beauty Encounter" again proved masterful. We expect this young actor will bring yet more excellent performance to us in the future.



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