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A Wishing Star: Huang Dawei (2)
    2007-06-12 16:09:46     CRIENGLISH.com


Singer-Composer David Huang is best known for his critically acclaimed and commercially successful career throughout Asia. He's known throughout the Mandarin musical world as a pop-rock-jazz icon.

Always trying something new has made him one of the most popular composers. Top Asian artists like Andy Lau, CoCo Lee, Amei and Chinese rock band Lun Hui have all sought collaboratons with him because of his originality and creativity.

"I try to come up with something new every single time, every single sound, every single groove, every single beat, every single lyric. I love working with other people or hearing other people's voices. It's always been a pleasure to work with them because it will be different styles of music. I can try out other things that I have been working on that may not fit my own records and stuff. So it's a doubly creative environment to be working with other artists. And I do believe it's my originality and I-don't-care-about-record-company (attitude) that attracts me to them".

David Huang was born in 1964 in Hong Kong. He spent his teenage years in Hawaii of the United States. His mother died when he was a child.

As a successful hotelier, David's father began to train his son at a very early age.

Since he was a teenager, David Huang was always in the kitchen in some hotel, training or washing dishes, while other people went to summer school or summer camp.
He studied travel industry management at the University of Hawaii, further preparing himself to inherit the family business.

However, the inner-self of David Huang yearned for something different, a way to express himself and prove to his family that he could do well in other things.
At the age of 16, David discovered music and started to write tunes. An opportunity fell upon him.

"During that time, I was fooling around with music and I would write little things and put them on cassettes and stuff. When I finished school, my best friend called me from Japan and said 'hi, I sold one of your tunes.' I said 'what tune'. He said ' you know the cassette you gave me, with all the weird stuff in it. It's a commercial for a big real estate company.' and I go 'ok'. He goes 'and I also get you the production job. You've got to come to Tokyo and produce it.' I said' produce what? I've never been in the studio. I have no idea what you are talking about.' So he says, 'don't worry. They speak Japanese. You speak English. So you can just get it done. So I was supposed to be there for two weeks to do this commercial. And I stayed 18 months writing and producing commercials. That's how I started".

In 1990, David was signed as a solo singer to Warner Records in Taiwan. But at that time, he had no idea what Chinese pop music was like. The only Chinese music he had contacted was his mum's old recording.

Starting from zero, David wasn't scared off. Instead, he took a trip around to first get himself acquainted with the new surroundings. He fell in love with the openness and creative environment in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The young musician realized he could finally do some wild things with this career.

In his early albums, it became a distinguishing feature of David Huang's production that he included two versions of his albums, one in English, one in Chinese, due to the fact that he could only write English lyrics.

"I guess I saw myself as a songwriter more than anything else. Then I would develop the Chinese lyrics with different lyrists or my production staff, so it's been a real learning experience. "

David Huang stayed out of the media for many years and there were few tabloid news reports about him. However, after 2005, he was much more publicized in China. Why did this low-profile artist decide to come out of the lime-light?

"I have to say the Olympic song. I found that kind of... whether it is promo or pr or event, I found that [made me]very happy. It was for the song, for the Olympics, for that purpose. I was very honoured to do that. I would really prepare for just one song for the Olympics Committee. "

David Huang wrote "Wishing Star" in 2005 to compete for the theme song of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Now it tops the nominations list.

Along with his busy performance schedule, He is actively participating in many charity events and agreed to a nine-city tour in support of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
His latest album "Passion" is his last with Sony Music. Following the end of this relationship, he's ready to start a different music journey with his new company "Muse" together with his partners.

One thing we are sure of is that no matter what David Huang gets his hands on, he's living his life to the fullest.



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