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Chinese Pop Music History 20 Years Special - Aaron Kwok
    2007-04-23 14:44:21     CRIENGLISH.com


Aaron Kwok or Guo Fu Cheng has won over a hundred music awards over the last decade or so. As the dance king of Asia, he was dubbed as one of the Cantopop "Four Heavenly Kings" with Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai. His popularity reached fever-pitch in the mid-1990s in China.

As one of Hong Kong and Asia's most prominent pop stars, Aaron wasn't always in the spotlight, but like a volcano, his charisma would occasionally break out. Whenever this happened, he demonstrated an alarming amount of energy and an attraction that captured countless girls' hearts. As a result, he would once more be at the center of media attention for days.

However, it was his handsome looks and passionate dance style that gained him popularity in the early phase of his entertainment career. His singing really took a back seat in his career progression.

His talent for dance was leagues above his three contemporaries. Crowned "Hong Kong's Michael Jackson" for his onstage dancing displays, he immediately caught audiences' attention by his emotional presentations. It was hard for other singers to perform together with him because Aaron would totally steal their thunder!

His stardom should be credited to his early years on a dancer training course at the most influential TV Station in Hong Kong -TVB. This was where he learnt how to shine among other stars. Later, Aaron's outstanding performance in a spectacular show was spotted. He was transferred to the acting department of the talent training course and became a TV actor, playing various roles in TV dramas.

But Aaron didn't see his future in the Hong Kong entertainment circle. He left for Taiwan in an attempt to develop his singing career. Fortunately, it turned out that he made the right choice.

A Taiwanese motorcycle TV commercial in the early 1990s gained him instant popularity and he burst onto the music scene with his famous song 'Loving You Forever'.

This song became famous throughout China and could be heard at every corner of the country. Even today, in some talent shows young people who try to imitate Aaron Guo choose this song and the unique-Aaron choreography. Even though Aaron's voice seemed 'boyish' and untrained in 'Love You Forever', the song defined his future musical style.

"My musical style is energetic and passionate and I go to great lengths to show myself off to the best of my ability. I belong to the stage, so I think this is my own unique style which has developed during my music career."

That's why most of his famous songs are fast-paced dance songs.

Among the "Four Heavenly Kings", Aaron Kwok took the longest time to find fame, but he enjoyed his late blossoming career.

As a solo performer, he's played in over 200 concerts in Hong Kong, China, and around the world. His unique stage performances won him international acclaim.
In 1998, Aaron entered the international stage by working together with Janet Jackson for Pepsi. "Ask for More" soon appeared in all Pepsi advertisements in China.

In the following years, Aaron became a superstar closely associated with transnational companies. He was seen in the ads for HSBC credit cards and he also became the image ambassador for Citibank International, Clarins Skin Care and Longines. These companies were smart enough to notice Aaron Guo's handsome looks and fresh image that he used to wow audiences.

Now Aaron is in his 40s, but he is still singing and dancing passionately to please his fans. Aaron especially enjoys wearing flared shirts to show off his muscles, which some would say are sexier than a twenty-year-old's.

It seems he has endless energy, but will he be able to continue his music career until he is seventy?

" I hope I can try different music styles, which I've never done before. I want to try new things with lyrics and music styles, to change with the times. This is very important."

Now with his record sales in recent years dwindling to new lows, Aaron has also indulged in film acting.

In 2005, he was the surprise winner of the Best Leading Actor award at the 42nd Golden Horse Awards ceremony for his role in the film "Divergence".

He then won the Best Actor Award again at the 43rd Golden Horse Awards for his role in the film 'After This Our Exile'. He became only the second actor in history to win the Best Actor consecutively at the Golden Horse Awards.

In the face of the continuous emergence of youth in the entertainment industry, Aaron Kwok has created and will continue creating his tale of the "versatile King" by his superb performances and vigorous physical strength.



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