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Chinese Pop Music History 20 Years Special - Teresa Teng (Part II)
    2007-04-05 14:08:33     CRIENGLISH.com


(Teresa liked wearing Qipao.)

Teresa Teng dominated the Chinese pop music industry in the early 1980s.

In 1983, the sales of Teresa Teng's albums from 1975 onward amounted to 5 million copies in Hong Kong. It set a new record in Chinese pop music at the time.
A diligent performer, Teresa Teng could sing in Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Japanese and French. In 1983, she held a concert at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, becoming the first Chinese female singer to stage a concert in America.

In 1984, she held an Asian concert tour to celebrate her 15th year as a popular singer. All the shows were jam-packed. The song you're listening to now is "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" by Teresa Teng.

In 1986, the total sales of Teresa Teng's Japanese album exceeded 2 million copies. The Japanese version of "I Only Care About You" became the most popular song at that time.

Besides her resplendent singing career, Teresa Teng also possessed a strong natural performing talent. In 1970, she acted in her first film, "Thank You, the Prime Minister." She then appeared in the movie "Miss Fans" with Zhang Chong in Hong Kong.

More importantly, as a superstar, she charmed fans with her humbleness , diligence and integrity after many years of non-stop performances. The diva also participated in many charitable events. She was elected Hong Kong's "Charity Queen" twice.

In the 1990s, as the Chinese music scene became more diversified and new artists pushed the old aside, Teresa faded, living abroad and rarely making public appearances.

Perhaps, health reasons were involved. Also perhaps, having already seen the world from the top, she had little interest in remaking her image. In any case, she produced very few new works.

On May 8th, 1995, 43-year-old "Asian Diva" Teresa Teng passed away after a severe asthma attack while on a trip to Thailand. When the tragic news was released, it was as if an enormous boulder had been dumped into the lake of the global Chinese community, sending ripples in all directions.

The media devoted a tremendous amount of space to the story and many groups bestowed their honors and accolades on the late singer.

Teresa's death was even reported in the New York Times and Time magazine. These media outlets described her enormous impact on Chinese pop music.

Her death also punctuated the end of an era of popular music and formally transferred her to the status of a "classic" in the history of Chinese popular culture.

Even though she has left us, for countless fans, she will always be their "eternal sweetheart."



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