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• Contaminated Pet Food Kills 1,300 Stray Dogs across Taiwan • 2009-01-04 The Choice to Donate
• Draft Law on Social Insurance Highlights Protecting Workers' Rights • 2009-01-03 Let's Go Skiing
• Food Review • Abolition of local GDP evaluation
• The People's Daily: Consumption is Production • Family Value Vital to Officials
• 20 yuan, too high for a trip on a "Dangdang car"? • New Rules to Protect Minors
• Lifestyle 2008-12-30 • To Keep Children Away from Danger Is Not Only Parents' Job
• Hard Measures Taken against Spam Messages • Official: Obstacles Remain for Train Tickets Buying during Spring Festival
• Do We Need Local Spring Galas? • Long-awaited Tort Liability Law is Coming
• China Youth Daily: Drop Empty Talk at Meeting • Reasonable to Reduce Punishment for Poverty-Driven Criminals
• 2008-12-25 Karin Malmstrom • The Beijing News: More Book Donations in Residential Communities
• Migrant Workers Return Home For Training • "Dual standard"is needed for children's discounted Tickets
• Civil Rights Law Get Second Reading This Week • Guangzhou Daily: Government Websites Should Focus on Public Service
• Workers' Daily: Who Pays for the Lavish Lifestyles of Local Officals? • Why Were Donated Clothes Rejected by the Red Cross?
• Non-governmental Exchange to Flourish Sino-Japanese Relations • Reform and Opening-up the Right Direction
• Repeated Faults Should be Rooted out in Projects Relating to People's Livelihoods • Time to Tighten Spending of Civil Servants
• Are national standards for instant noodles useful? • China's Outbound Tourism Gathering Steam
• Immediate Legislation Called for to Supervise Internet Search Engines • CASS Blue Paper Warns Tougher Employment Problems in 2009
• Xinhua Daily Telegraph: Drivers Must Be Better Informed about Driving Restrictions • The Changing Lifestyle in A Jing Ethnic Village
• The Prospering of Hongyan Village • Limitation on the Use of Government Cars May Be More Costly
• Traffic Police should Raise Sense of Public Service • Don't make giving up seats to senior citizens compulsory
• Graduates should be Confident to Ask about Salary • The Beijing News: Legal Aid Needs Financial and Policy Support
• Draft Plan for the Future Of Tollgate Workers under Deliberation • China Youth Daily: Stop Polluting Young Minds
• Guangming Daily: Media and Society Must Boost Students' Confidence • New Regulations to Evaluate Civil Servants Wins Applause
• A Farmer's Diary on China's Reform and Opening up • "Shan Zhai" Products Gradually Touch the Edge of Illegality
• American Joseph's Happy Life in China • Changes of People's Clothes over 30 Years
• 2008-12-04 Life • Being a Vegan in Beijing
• 2008-12-03 Life • The Beijing News: More Measures should be Adopted to Deal with Unknown AIDS Carriers
• World AIDS Day • Online Bookkeeping Becomes Popular
• 2008-12-02 Life • 2008-12-01 Life
• Beijing Youth Daily: Local Governments Should Assist Migrant Workers • A Korean Village in Northeast China
• China's Migrant Workers • Chenjiagou Village, the sacred home of Tai chi
• Employment Exclusion Against Marketing Principle • Diversification of Shopping in China
• A German Expert's Past 30 Years in China • A Hug with AIDS Patient, Will You?
• A Second Thought on Conviction to Teachers and Doctors' Bribery • Locations of Surveillance Cameras should be Released
• Pension System in China • A Monitoring System Needed to Go Along with the National Travelling Campaign
• Internet Addiction not Just a Bad Habit • Adjustment Made in Taxi Industry
• A Japanese Member of A Chinese Neighborhood Committee • Subway Tunnel Collapses in Hangzhou
• Construction Safety Standards need Upgrade to Prevent further Accidents • Four Students Died in Dormitory Fire
• More Support Needed for Migrant Workers • China to Support the Employment of College Graduates
• Consultative Mechanism doesn't Protect the Interests of Taxi Drivers • On Zhang Haidi's Election as New Chairperson of CDPF
• Civil Servant NOT the only Option for College Graduates • World Diabetes Day: Caring for Children and Adolescents
• China Youth Daily: Retirement age extension will not harm employment of the young • Supervision of TV Infomercials Should be Strengthened
• Retirement Age Extension Needs Practical Concerns • Mental Health of Adolescents
• Why Does Local Government Mailbox Become Trash Box • Wedding Service Industry Riding on Ideas
• Equal Right to Campus Dorms • Beijing Capital International Airport Won International Award
• Zhangjiajie, China's First National Forest Park • Never Too Old To Learn
• Are the Public being too Sensitive about Fruit Pest Incident? • Tai Chi, Popular all over the World
• Beijing Daily Messenger: Let's Take A Gum Break • WWF's Living Planet Report 2008
• Eye on 30 Years of Emerging Industry: Animations and Cartoon Industry • Lowering trend of attendance age in IELTS
• China to Revise Law of Protecting against and Mitigating Earthquake Disasters • Guangzhou Daily:Can Detectors Ensure Social Security?
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