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• Beijing Expands as Grand Shopping Malls Introduced to Suburban Districts • Will the Year of the Ox See a Bull Market?
• Fuel-Efficient Cars Popular Among Consumers in the New Year Holiday • New Generation of Zhejiang Merchants
• 2009-01-02 Business • 2009-01-01 Business
• Growth Enterprise Board May Come 'At Any Moment' • China's Banking Industry to Further Strengthen Capability in Dealing With Risks
• China Takes Measures to Help Employers and Employees Weather Economic Crisis • Low-income Population Find Difficulties Driving Market Demand Even with Subsidies
• US Retailers Feel Chirstmas Chill amid Unfavorable Weather • Price of Tour Packages during Spring Festival Drops to Record Low
• 80 Percent Multinational Companies' Headquarters in China Set up Trade Unions • Weak holiday sales in US
• The Beijing News: It's Better to Pay Senior Bank Officers with non performing Assets • The Price of Taiwan Tours Decrease with Direct Flights Starting
• Positive Promotion in Beijing Auto markets • China's New Property Package Vital to Sustain Economy
• China Cuts Fuel Prices Earlier than Expected • "Slashing Fuel Prices" Is a Timely Adjustment to The Market and Consumers
• China Issues Standards on Qualifications for Leftover Stock • Chrysler Plans to Shut 30 Plants to Counter Downturn of Car Sales
• Experts Propose a Tax Raise on Cigarettes • China's Auto Industry to Take Limited Impact from WTO Ruling
• US Pyramid fraud hits European liquidate Madoff firm • China central SOEs see profits drop by 26 percent in first 11 months
• Guanming Daily: Government Calls for Commodity Reserves • Microsoft Slashes Software Prices in China
• US dollar bailout for auto industry failed, affecting European units • Time for Chinese Industries to Take Technological Upgrade and Industrial Reform
• Official: China's Economy Has Potential to Grow • US Senate Rejects Emergency US$14 Billion Bailout for Auto Companies
• WB Official Praises China's Stimulus Package • China Banking Regulatory Commission Issues a guideline for M&A Loans
• Economist Forecast Decline on Increasing Rate of CPI and PPI in November • Insiders: Financial Crisis an opportunity for Chinese Enterprises to Optimize Themselves
• China and US Face the Global Financial Crisis Hand in Hand • Gazan banks short of money Due to Israel's Sanction
• China Not to Rely on Depreciation of Yuan to Boost Exports • Fuel Oil Price Likely Starts from Next Year
• China, US Initiate SED amid Financial Crisis • Fifth SED: China Calls on US to Jointly Curb Financial Crisis
• RMB Devaluation • 2008-12-04 Business
• Chinese Financial Experts Call for Further Rise in Income Tax Threshold • The Devaluation of China's Currency May not a Proper Way to Boost Exportation
• Think tank: China economy to grow more than 9% in 2009 • China to Subsidize White Goods for Rural Residents
• 2008-12-03 Business • 2008-12-02 Business
• Individual income tax threshold should be worked out by local governments • China to Raise Individual Income Tax Threshold
• China Slashes Interest Rate, Reserve Requirement Ratio to Spur Growth • China's Major Exporting City is Confident to Face with the Financial Turmoil
• Zhejiang Seeks to Upgrade Service Sector • Raising Enterprise Lowest Salary Standard
• Response of Automotive Industry in China amongst Global Financial Turmoil  • 2008-11-19 Biz News
• 2008-11-18 Biz News • What will the G-20 Summit Present to the World?
• China Confident to Maintain Good Momentum for Growth • Winter is still Long for the Real Estate Market
• Multinational Corporations Awarded • Experts: China's economy in good shape despite global financial turmoil
• Financial Industries Retain Potential In Post-Olympic Period in Beijing • China Cut Rates Again
• The Beijing Youth Daily: Psychological Intervention Needed to Weather Current Financial Crisis • China to Encourage Self-Innovations by Securities Companies
• UN Pledges to Help Poorest amid Global Financial Crisis • European Countries Express Desire For Open Market with Rules
• Barosso: Interdependence and Reform are Needed to Solve Global Financial Crisis • China To Raise Tax Rebates on Exports
• Netizens against Microsoft's Anti-Piracy Measures • Impact of Global Financial Crisis on China
• Chinese Clothing Producers Eye on Domestic Market • Real Estate Market Not to be Relied on to Boost Domestic Demand
• Oil Price Tumble on Jumps in US Crude and Gasoline Stocks • White Rabbit Creamy Candy Back on Sale after Tainted Milk Incident
• Telecom Mergers • Chinese Banks Could Maintain Stable Operation Even if Overseas Investors reduce their Shareholdings
• China's Top Cell Testing Technology Unveiled • Deposit Insurance Scheme
• GM Plant Closes with Loss Of 2,700 Jobs • Barroso Calls for EU Unity in Tackling Financial Crisis
• Further Reform Needed to Boost Rural Economy • The World Bank Protects the Poor Against Financial Turmoil
• Global Markets Bounce Back • European Countries Announce Ambitious Bank Rescue Plans
• Chinese Scientists Complete Sequencing Giant Panda Genome • Sales of Dairy Products Rise after the Slump Caused by Contaminated Milk Incident
• China Sees Rapid Growth in its Auto Export • Bush Reiterates Resolve and Cooperation in Fighting Financial Crisis
• China Reiterates Commitment to International Cooperation in Handling Global Credit Crunch • Global Financial Markets Roundup
• Post-Quake Reconstruction Triggers Cement Investment "Blowout" • Financial crisis influences badly on car industry
• World Bank Chief to G7: Don't forget Human Rescue • China Calls for Joint Efforts in Tackling the Global Economic Crisis
• Margin trading and short selling proposal enters initial stage • European Countries Took Measures to Stabilize Markets
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