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•  WHO Says Flu Spans 17 Countries, 787 People Infected •  EU to Send Monitors to Ensure Gas Supply
•  Israel to Propose Cease Fire in Gaza •  Israel Agrees to 'Humanitarian Corridor' Idea
• India handed over evidence of Mumbai attacks to Pakistan • New US Embassy Opens in Iraq
• EU delegation holds talks to push for a cease-fire in Gaza • Mubarak Meets with EU Troika on Gaza Situation
• Bush says any Gaza ceasefire must stop Hamas rocket fire • French warship has intercepted two speedboats with eight Somali pirates
• Russian energy giant to suit Ukrainian company on gas dispute • Pakistan Reopens Supply Route to Afghanistan
• Aso Says No Snap Election Due to Economic Crisis • Earthquakes Kills at Least Four People in Indonesia
• Thermal Lake Found Beneath Turkish baths in Budapest • Australia Tells U.S. it Will not Resettle Guantanamo Bay Detainees
• Moscow and Kiev Accuses Each Other for Gas Supply Shortage in Europe • British Troops Turned over Civilian Airport in Basra to Iraqi Authorities
• Former US National Security Adviser Reviews the Process of Ties Building between US and China • Israeli FM arrives in Paris for talks on Gaza
• Israel Continued Airstrike on Gaza for the Fifth Day • Arab Leaders Meet to Present a United Stance in Israeli Attack
• Baghdad Residents Bear High Hopes for New Security Pack with US • Iraq Opens Second Round Bidding of Gas Fields Licensing
• Pakistan Asks India to De-activate Air Bases, Relocate Ground Forces • US Calls for an End of Violence in Middle East
• China Urges Cease Fire in Gaza • Israel's Air Strike on Gaza Continues
• Polls Close in Bangladesh Parliamentary Election • Supporters of Former PM Thaksin Converge on Parliament
• Israeli Army to Mobilize Reservists for Gaza Operation • The Marriott Hotel Re-open in Islamabad After Bombing Attack
• Israel Attacks Hamas in Gaza with Large Number of Casualties • Japan Considers Sending Naval Ships to Somalia Waters
• Pakistan PM, India Minister React to Pakistan Troop Movements • Great Lakes Foreign Affairs Ministers Discuss Regional Security
• US Retailers Feel Chirstmas Chill amid Unfavorable Weather • Israeli PM appeals to people of Gaza to turn against their Hamas rulers
• Leader of Palestinian Group Given 30 Years in Prison • Coup Junta Takes Control of Guinea
• Baghdad Residents Show Mixed Reactions to the Approval of Stay of Foreign Troops in 2009 • UN chief calls for calm in Guinea
• Brazil and EU Sign Joint Action Plan to Boost Ties • Head of Interpol Says Pakistan Needs International Support not Condemnation
• Indian PM says "nobody wants war" seeking to lower tensions with Pakistan • Mumbai attack suspect sends letter saying attackers were Pakistanis
• Palestinian President Abbas meets Russian President Medvedev • Preview ahead of gas exporting countries meeting
• Indonesia Holds Drills to Combat Militant Attacks • Central Athens becomes calm after clashes overnight
• "Deep Throat" Dies at Age of 95 • WWF Protest at Over-fishing as EU Meets to Decide on Quotas
• UN Chief Warns Multiple Challenges in the Coming Year • Robert Gates in "Charlie Rose"
• Gordon Brown: British Toops Out of Iraq Before End of May,2009 • White House: No Hard Feelings over Shoe Incident
• Cuba officially joins Rio Group • Major Oil Producers to Slash Production and Uphold Oil Prices
• Iraqis Call for the Release of Shoe-Throwing Reporter • Mercosur summit begins in Brazil
• ASEAN Foreign Ministers Sign Charter to Form Legal Entity • Israel releases Palestinian prisoners
• Democrat Party leader elected as Thailand's new PM • UN Security Council Poised to Adopt a Resolution on Mid East Peace
• Millions of Dollars to be Provided for Poor Countries after the Poznan Climate Conference • Illinois Attorney General Asked the State's Highest Court to Remove Governor Rod Blagojevich
• Kevin Rudd Expects Free Trade Agreement with China in 2009 • Protest Going on in Pakistan-Administered Kashmir Against UN Sanctions on a Charity
• India to Overhaul Security in wake of Attacks • Kenya FM Called for Global Coordination to Tackle GrowingPiracy Menace
• Gore Urged Quick Action to Climate Change • Democrats and White House finalise deal on emergency loans
• Obama joins call for Illinois governor to resign • Baghdad residents welcome most UK troops pulling out by June
• Death toll from Zimbabwe's cholera outbreak rises to 775 • Leaders, ministers arrive in Poznan for high-level climate talks
• Additional WHO team to assist Zimbabwe to fight cholera • Ireland plans to recall tainted pork products
• Bulgaria seizes 60 tons of Irish pork in dioxin scare • McCain makes first visit to Afghanistan since U.S. election
• Pakistani Transport Terminal Attacted • Obama warns U.S. economy may get worse
• U.S. and Japanese envoys comment ahead of six-party talks • North Korea Vowed to Exclude Japan from Six-Party Talks
• India and Russia Reach Civilian Nuke Deal • Afghanistan and Pakistan Vow to Jointly Tackle Terrorism
• Cholera Still Rampant in Zimbabwe • OSCE Conference Ends Without Agreement
• US, Nkorea Nuclear Envoys Held Preliminary Consultation Ahead of Formal Six-party Talks • Bush calls flawed Iraq intelligence biggest regret
• Nuclear Envoys from US, SK, Japan Meet Ahead of Six-party Talks • Countries to sign treaty banning cluster bombs
• India demands 20 most wanted criminals from Pakistan • U.S. Nuclear Envoy Tightens Efforts on DPRK Nuclear Talks
• PAD to End Rally on Wednesday • SKorea Regret over Personnel Cut in Kaesong by the North
• India to set up federal investigation agency against terror attack • Obama Announces His National Security Team 
• Space Cargo Ship Docks with ISS with Manual Control • OPEC Ends Cairo Meeting with no Change in Output
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