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•  Increasing Gold Reserve Conducive to Reduce Risks of Foreign Exchange Reserve •  World Economic Forum: China Ranks Higher in Information Technology Development
•  China Moves to Prevent Bird flu Outbreak • Decision-making Mechanism Prior to Encouragement of Pursuit of Innovations
• China to Step up Efforts to Improve Net Environment • Beijing News: One Pass for Senior Citizens
• China's New Tariff Policy Conducive to Sustain Economic Growth • Toilet Membership Annoys Customers
• Do we need an artificial "moonlight city"? • China's Recycling Economy Promotion Law Takes Effect
• China's Railway Authorities: Holiday Travel Peak Arrives Ahead of Schedule • China to encourage more College Graduates to Work at Grassroots Levels
• China hails increased transparency in reporting • China's New Poverty Line Make Million More Eligible for Poverty Relief
• China to focus on global environment to ensure economic growth • China Exposes Transparent Military Diplomacy to the World
• Chinese FM: Diplomacy Reaches New Height in China • China's Navy Escorting Fleet for Somalia Starts Drills
• Don't Let the Government Measures End in Rubber Checks • China Punishes Officials in Anti-corruption Campaign
• China's Ambassador to Kenya: Escorting Mission Reflects Responsible Diplomatic Image • Chinese Fleet to Escort Ships off Somalia
• China's Stock Market • Real-name system can effectively curb the high price tickets reselling
• Christmas drives Chinese People to Churches • UN hails China's naval escorting operations in Gulf of Aden, Somali waters
• Christmas drives Chinese people to churches • Firms Urged to Diversify Export Markets
• China Steps up Efforts to Protect Ancient Towns and Villages • China Plans to Establish Social Security Number System
• Gift Pandas Arrived in Taiwan • Gift Pandas Are Ready for Tomorrow's Travelling to Taiwan
• "Friendship Award" and 30 years in China • China to Speed up Construction on Mega Water Diversion Project
• Wen Jiabao: Knowledge & Technologies, Stronger Power to Combat Financial Crisis • Scholars Call for Closer Cross-Straits Economic Ties
• Historical Review since China and Japan Established Peace and Friendship Treaty • China to Dispatch Navy to Fight Somali Pirates
• First "Intangible Cultural Heritage Arts and Crafts Trade Fair" opens in Beijing • Chinese Ship Rescued from Attack by Pirates in Gulf of Aden
• China Considering to Dispatch Navy to Somali Pirates • Construction of 2010 World Expo Village is Sped up
• Mainland Panda Pair to Travel to Taiwan next Tuesday • Is it Unfair to Offer Poor Graduates Public Posts First?
• Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew praises China for reform achievements • Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization starts operation
• Three Direct Links Create Win-Win Situation • Mainland, Taiwan starts direct sea transport
• Direct Postal Service across the Taiwan Straits Starts • Mainland, Taiwan starts direct sea transport
• Cross-Straits Direct Flights Begin • China's Hi-tech Industry Resistant to Financial Crisis
• Xinhua: More Calls for Rational Use of Government Expenditures • US Official: Sino-US Economic Dialogues to be Continued in the Future
• Cross-Strait Direct Shipping to Create a Win-Win Situation for Both Sides • CAAC Technically Prepared for Mainland-Taiwan Direct Flights
• Ministry of Commerce Honours Multinationals for Their Contribution to Public Welfare • Senior Officials Attend Celebration of Guangxi's 50th Anniversiry
• Chief Economist Interprets WB Report on Global Economic Prospects • Zhang Huamei - China's First Self-employed Businessman
• Guangxi to Celebrates its 50th Birthday • Chinese Automakers Withstands the Crisis
• China to Further Boost Human Rights Development • Chickens Test Positive for Bird Flu in HK
• Expert: Fuel Tax to Help Save Energy and Protect Environment • China FM Press Conference on Six-party Talks
• China to Create More Job Opportunities and Increase Rural and Urban Residents' Income • China's Anti-poverty Efforts Pay Off
• China Issues Warning on Online Medicine Purchase • Expert: Sarkozy's Meeting with Dalai Lama Damages Sino-France Relations
• China Deepens International Cooperation on Food and Drug Quality Supervision • China Kicks off Key Economic Work Conference
• Chinese retailing market keeps prosperous in the winter • China Honors Domestic, Foreign Charity Workers and Groups
• Performance Check on Civil Servants Needs Public Participation • Official: Tell the True Story of Tibet to the World
• China FM Press Conference on Sino-France Relationship • China not to Sacrifice Arable Land for Infrastructure Construction
• Think tank: China economy to grow more than 9% in 2009 • Civil Service Pay Reform to Continue
• China makes efforts to carry out Environmental Liability Insurance • China Foresees Bumper Grain Harvest This Year
• Quake Survivors Move to Temporary Housing for Winter • China to Boost Rural Consumption 
• Export of Chinese Poultry Meat Products to EU Resumes • Global Financial Crisis Accelerates Industrial Upgrades in Dongguan
• All Stranded Chinese Tourists Expected to Return Home from Thailand by Tuesday • Chinese President Inspects AIDS Prevention and Control Work
• All stranded Chinese tourists expected to return home from Thailand by Dec. 1 • China Helps Small Enterprises amid Financial Crisis
• China Signs 19 Purchase Contracts with Turkey • Travel Agencies and Airlines Help Chinese Tourists Return Home
• China Committed to Developing China-EU Ties Despite Upcoming Summit Cancellation • Model Rooms Should be Affordable for Quake Victims
• No Need to Offer Subsidies to Enterprises for Employing Middle-aged Workers • Chinese Enterprises to Survive Global Financial Crisis with Innovation & Structural Reform
• Lower Fuel Price Anticipated After Levying Fuel Tax • New Law to Stem State-asset Loss
• Search Engines Must be Responsible for Information They Provide • Releasing Name List of Quake-Victims is Respect to Life
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