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2008-08-31 Xiao Hongren and His Debut, Self-Titled Album
    2008-08-31 10:56:39     CRIENGLISH.com


Hello, and welcome to another edition of  China Beat here on "China Radio International". This is Zhong Qiu. The Chinese pop scene is happy to see another rising star, Taiwan singer Xiao Hong Ren, who just released his self-titled debut album.

This release features nine tracks which were all composed by Xiao. Taking his inspiration from the local culture of Taiwan, Xiao Hongren weaves his understanding of local life into his music. In his songs, he incorporates Taiwan dialect, Mandarin and the English language. He blends melodies from Gezai Opera, a homegrown opera with pop music. With his musical talents, Xiao Hongren hopes to share his feelings and concerns with the rest of the world. So for the rest of the show, let's have a listen to Xiao Hongren's debut album and hear Xiao himself explain the stories behind the music.

"This album is meant to encourage people to hope and dream. Nothing is impossible. Once you have dreams and determination, you have the chance to realize them. With my own stories expressed on this album, I want to tell people to remain hopeful and strive toward your aim."

(Can't Stand Looking Any Longer)

The opening track, and also the primary hit, "Can't Stand Looking Any Longer", is a song featuring heart-lifting rhythms and catchy lyrics.

"I was kind of scribbling different thoughts on paper and finally it led me to the composition of this song. I co-wrote the lyrics with F.I.R.'s guitarist and keyboardist Ian Chen and popular lyricist Wu Xiong. The lyrics mainly ridicule and criticize the defect of today's society. To perform this song, I blended Taiwan dialect with Mandarin and the English language. It is an interesting way that I may continue to employ to write songs."

(Can't Stand Looking Any Longer)

The second track borrows from the story of the Chinese legend of Lady Precious Stream, a drama of wifely fidelity.

"In Chinese this song is titled ˿غҤʮ. I started the song with a clip of a performance of the Taiwain local opera, Ge Zai Xi. When I was a little boy, I watched a lot of Ge Zai opera with my grandma. The story of Lady Precious Stream was very popular. When I grew older, I became aware of just how touching this love story was. So I decided to pay my tribute to this great love through modern music."

"With this song, I also hope that people will pay more attention to the development of Ge Zai opera. This is not only an art form but also a part of cultural life. I'm sorry to say that this operatic genre is becoming less popular and is in danger of disappearing. So I tried to incorporate this Ge Zai opera with modern music. In this way, I hope young people will have more chances to appreciate this traditional opera. "

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