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Dream Weaver
    2008-07-09 16:59:04     CRIENGLISH.com

It is a 90-minute film, but it took director Gu Jun seven years to make.

The official documentary about the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, "Dream Weavers 2008," has debuted at the China Film Archive this Saturday. Let's follow our reporter Xiaoyu to find out more.

With the construction of the National Stadium as the main storyline, the film documents the lives of five groups of ordinary people. They include star hurdler Liu Xiang and his path to success, the workers who built the National Stadium, a local family who had to move to make way for the construction of the stadium; three young gymnasts in training and their trials and tribulations; and an Olympic security guard team.

Those who have seen the film said they found it touching, and they have a lot of respect for the characters whose lives it documents.

Bai Jingrui is a middle-aged researcher at the China Film Archive.

"I like the film very much indeed. It must be so hard to take such a long time to make it. I especially like the story of the security guard team. It reminds me of the spirit in sports and in the recent earthquake rescue. Every Chinese will do their best when needed. Beijing's 2008 Olympics are now in the world spotlight. The film help recalls that it was not easy, but it was a worthwhile process. We are building up our confidence. Jia You Zhong Guo!"

Gao Shan, an officer at BOCOG, said he is very impressed by the film's geniality and semblance to real life.

"I am much impressed by the movie that begins with the ordinary family playing mah-jong and considering how much the government will pay for their house, since they had to move to make way for the stadium. This is different from other official documentary films we saw in the past. And the five interdependent stories are well connected to each other with clear clues in perfect tempo."

Gao Shan particularly mentioned the story of the three young gymnasts.

"It takes seven years for a child to grow into a mature gymnast," Gao said. "It is worth filming their athletic development. I was deeply touched when I saw the tears of the little girl on the balance beam."

Przemek, a Pole who saw the documentary, said he was deeply touched by the stories in the film.

"Of course, the movie is great," he said. "Actually, the best part is that it chose many angles to the story. So there are tears and also glamorous parts. We also can learn a lot of things about how to struggle and improve ourselves to achieve the best. I like it. I like it so much. So, Zhong Guo Jia You!"

Gu Jun, the 41-year-old director of the film, sobbed several times when she recalled the production team's hard work.

When asked about how she got the idea for the film, Gu talks about the documentary's name "Dream Weavers 2008."

"We focused a lot on the word 'weaving' and the efforts on how to realize our dreams. Just like what we captioned at the end of the film: 'Holding our dreams in our hands, we walk on the road with sweat and tears until we finally weave the big dream of Olympics.'"



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