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2008 Boao Forum for Asia to Kick Off in China
    2008-04-12 11:30:43     CRIENGLISH.com

Over 1,700 political leaders, business representatives and scholars have gathered in Southern China's Hainan Province to attend this year's Boao Forum for Asia, or BFA. They are expected to discuss the most pressing issues facing Asian countries as well as the entire world. CRI Reporter Chen Xi brings you the story from Boao, a picturesque island in Hainan.


Organizers of the Boao Forum for Asia have announced that this year's conference will focus on a series of issues, particularly environment-related efforts to build a sustainable Asia.


The theme for this year's event is Green Asia, Moving Towards Win-Win Through Changes.


Long Yongtu, the forum's secretary-general and former Chinese WTO trade negotiator, said in a press conference that the annual meeting would give participants a chance to discuss the eco-friendly development for the purpose of multilateral benefits among enterprises and countries.


"Following the past sessions, we have chosen the win-win theme this year. At the same time, we have highlighted the green Asia, which is the key issue of this forum. It is a very important driving force for all the regions, countries and corporates around the world."


Long Yongtu added that the participants will also debate over a number of other issues, including the move towards energy efficiency, securing Asia's future through renewable energy sources, and the private sectors' contribution to improving the environment.


Also on the agenda are China's 30 years of reform and opening up, global financial reform, and the World Trade Organization's Doha talks.


In addition, the secretary-general revealed that the forum will soon expand to include venues outside of Asia for the first time.


"This year, to be most specific, from June the third to the sixth, the first-ever BFA conference outside China and Asia, will be held in London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, with the name of BFA Financial Conference. Davos has come to Asia, why can't BFA move to other continents?"


Long Yongtu said the new move will further encourage more enterprises from Asia, particularly China, to be involved in the global competition.


Stepping into its eighth year, the BFA Annual Conference has become the pre-eminent international economic forum in Asia, hosting over one thousand high profile pacesetters from across the globe.


Fidel Valdez Ramos, Chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia and the former President of the Philippines, also attended the press conference.


He applauded the efforts of the Chinese government for the annual event. In addition, he expressed his best wishes for the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games.


"This is also the year of the world Olympics in Beijing. And therefore all the world is looking at China with great expectations. We all hope that this will be a very successful international event hosted by China for the benefits of all the other people of the world."


Chen Xi, CRI News, Boao, Hainan Province




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