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2008-01-27 Eason Chan
    2008-01-27 13:01:06     CRIENGLISH.com

Hong Kong pop singer Eason Chan. [File photo: tu666.cn]
Hello and welcome to another edition of China Beat on China International. This is Zhong Qiu. The annually held TVB8 Golden Hits Awards is one of the highly prestigious honors for Mandarin songs from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland. At the latest awarding ceremony, the top spot was taken by Hong Hong singer Eason Chan, or Chen Yixun. Eason was not only named as the most popular male singer on the Mando-pop scene, but also took a total of five awards at the event, including three awards for his song "Eliminated", including best production and best arrangement. Following his great success, this 33 year-old Hong Kong singer is hopeful of taking the crown of God of Songs after Jacky Cheung. So with today's China Beat, we will review the music journey of Eason Chan and revisit some of his most memorable songs.

(Your Rucksack)

Eason Chan studied architecture at the University of Kingston in London before embarking on his career as a musician. Thanks to the 4 years of formal music training he had received in England, when he returned to Hong Kong for his summer vacation in 1995, he entered a New Talent Singing Contest and unexpectedly won the first prize by beating 2,000 others with the song Gazing at the Moon, originally sung by Jacky Cheung. From then on, his singing career took off. The next year, he was signed by Capital Artists, one of the major record labels at that time. The song we are hearing now is one of his early songs, Your Rucksack, which brought the name of Eason Chan to fame.

(Your Rucksack)

In 2000, Eason left Capital Artists and signed on with Music Plus under Emperor Entertainment Group. In the same year, his song King of Karaoke was so popular that it was awarded the Most Popular Song of the Year and My Favorite Song of the Year by Commercial Radio Hong Kong. Eason's career further advanced and he was the winner of The Best Male Singer Award and The Media Award. Up until now, King of Karaoke is still one of his greatest hits. Interestingly, it has become Eason's nickname too.

(King of Karaoke)

The year of 2001 was another fruitful period for Eason Chan. As his popularity soared, naturally, he won a lot of major awards that year. His album "Shall We Dance? Shall We Talk! " was one of the best-selling albums of the year, and the song Shall We Talk became a real hit.

(Shall We Talk)

In the following years, Eason Chan continued to impress his audience with his quality albums and live concerts. He held a series of solo shows in New Zealand, Australia and the US to introduce his music to audience all over the world.

His distinctive mature timbre has become a trademark and the richly textured voice ensures an extensive range of expression. The emotional intensity he can bring out of each song is remarkable. As a result, he has conquered not just Hong Kong but the whole Chinese speaking regions of the world. Here is another of Eason's greatest hits, "Ten Years".

(Ten Years)

As a talented singer, Eason Chan is often compared to Jacky Cheung, as both of them lack glamorous appearances, but have managed to win the hearts of people from all walks of life with their superb singing skills. Coincidentally, Jacky has been Eason's idol since he was young. There is a duet sung by Jacky and Eason in the album Perfect Match, which literally means a peaceful world.

(A Peaceful World)

Eason Chan has been a best-selling artist since day one. Nothing has changed for Eason. He might have switched record companies, but the quality of his albums stays impressive and increasingly so because of his strong love for music. To wrap up today's show, here we play another song by Eason Chan, "Love Transfer". This is Zhong Qiu from Beijing, bye for now.



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