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Beijing Olympics Ties Sino-Japan Internet Media
    2008-01-22 21:56:56     CRIENGLISH.com

In 2008, Chinese president Hu Jintao plans to visit Japan during the cherry blossom season of spring, and it will be the first of such visits in ten years. The 2008 Beijing Olympics is expected to provide an ideal diplomatic arena for the two countries. With the approach of the Beijing Olympics, more and more media groups in Japan are not only focusing their attention on the Games, but also establishing cooperation with the Chinese media to fully introduce the preparation and operation of the Beijing Olympics. CRI reporter has more.

Searchina, the largest website about China in Japan signed a contract with China. org , one of the main governmental websites under the auspices of the State Council Information Office on Tuesday afternoon in Beijing. The two sides agreed to establish strategic partnership on Beijing Olympic coverage.

The deputy chief editor of China.org Li Yafang has this to say.


Li Yafang, the deputy chief editor of China.org establishes a strategic partnership with Searchina for Beijing Olympic coverage at a January 22nd press conference in Beijing.[Photo:CRIENGLISH.COM]


"Recently, more and more Japanese people are willing to have deeper understandings about China, the upcoming Olympics is also under the spotlight. The strategic partnership we reached with Searchina aims to boost the understanding through media cooperation."

Masakazu Motoki, president of Searchina echoes Li's opinion. He thinks Beijing Olympics is such a good chance for China to show its power to the world on a big stage, he and his company would like to join the show.

Masakazu Motoki, president of Searchina establishes a strategic partnership with China.org for Beijing Olympic coverage at a January 22nd press conference in Beijing.[Photo:CRIENGLISH.COM]

"2008 Olympics offers a rare opportunity for the communication between China and Japan through the Internet media, but we hope oversea media can observe China in a sober way, since they still have many differences with the Chinese people, even gaps. Thus we have a very clear aim to reduce and even eliminate gaps of information communication between China and Japan to the minimum through our effort."

Masakazu Motoki also predicted that during the Beijing Olympics, websites offering videos and interactive media on which netizens can upload their photos of the Olympics will unleash unprecedented power, enabling the Beijing Olympics to surpass Athens Olympics on the communication front.

Actually, besides internet media, other media including TV, radio and newspapers in Japan are also focusing their coverage on the Beijing Olympics. Here is Nobuaki Shinozura, senior producer of NHK news, the biggest TV station in Japan.

"We always look for some resources related to the Olympics such as from taking part in various press conferences. Japan is China's neighboring country. The Japanese people are not only interested in the Olympics, but also in everything about China, like its politics, culture and economy."

Japan was allotted 42 thousand Beijing Olympic tickets, but Japanese Olympic Committee hopes to get more, about 50 thousand.



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