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2007-12-29 Band Carrchy
    2007-12-29 11:36:32     CRIENGLISH.com

Band Carrchy [Photo: images.blogcn.com]

Hello and welcome to another edition of China Beat. This is Zhong Qiu. After performing 18 marvelous shows in 16 cities, the electro-pop band "Carrchy" (卡奇社) arrived at a rock bar in Beijing, for the last leg of their national music tour, "Walking Honeymoon." (行走的蜜月) Throughout the previous decade, Beijing's indie music scene has been heavily influenced by louder genres such as metal, punk and hard rock. Gradually, an increasing number of indie bands have brought in less chaotic and more melodious styles. Carrchy is a notable example of this. Carrchy is a youthful band consisting of elf-like lead singer Keli (颗粒), and Fly, a quietly talented boy in charge of post-production. The band hits its audience like a fresh breeze, lending aural pleasure to tired ears in the modern city. In today's China Beat, we will introduce you to Carrchy.

From the picturesque coastal city of Qingdao (青岛), Keli and Fly were naturally attracted by each other's gifts and spontaneously bound together to pursue their dream. In April, the pair released their debut album "Sunshine All Over the City" (日光倾城), and its title song quickly hit the top of many original music charts.

(Sunshine all over the City) (日光倾城)

Most of the lyrics on the album were composed by Keli. Thin, delicate, sensitive and complex, she captured through her lyrics the confusion and anxiety that many adolescents face at the doorway of adulthood. The lyrics evoke the idea that a beautiful utopia to relieve the growing pains, or an ideal shelter to escape from various pressures, exists. At the same time, she wonders if there is a clear guidepost to lead them to their spiritual home along the unknown journey of life.

"If you devote all your energy to something, and everyone around you expects so much of you, but the result turns out to be a failure, you feel hollow deep in your heart," she said." Struck by this sort of hollowness, I happened to see a guidepost along a speedway in Beijing, pointing to 'Sunshine City.' I suddenly felt it must be a wonderful place." (你很努力...很美的地方)

(Sunshine all over the City) (日光倾城)
( Romantic Dream in Garden) (游园惊梦)

Keli's talents are evident not only by her affinity for western electronic music, but also by her skillful handling of ancient Chinese musical elements. The two members of Carrchy, both born after the 1980's, are surprisingly interested in ancient Chinese opera, poetry and drama. One of the more prominent characteristics of the album is the elaborate mixture of fashionable electro-pop and classic ancient Chinese features. The lyrics of "Romantic Dream in Garden" are partially borrowed from "Peony Pavilion" (牡丹亭), an ancient Kun opera (昆曲) that paints an alluring picture of flourishing springtime, contrasted with the melancholy of the dream's end.

(Let Me Fall in Sleep) (让我睡着吧)

"Let Me Fall in Sleep" is Keli's favorite song on the album.

The beginning of the lullaby-like song "Let Me Fall in Sleep" is slow and peaceful, comforting listeners' agitated minds and lulling them to sound sleep. As the song begins to take form, the tune is abruptly interrupted by loud background music, in expression of the singer's strong desire to find peace in sleep.

"Every time I sing it on stage, I feel that something is vibrating my heart, I don't know why - probably because of Fly's composition, plus the corresponding lyrics." she said. "When the song goes to its climax, my heart is easily touched. Sometimes it makes me cry." ("让我睡着吧"是每次演出的时候...还是让我想哭)

(Only Worm) (唯虫)

"Only Worm" is another song heavily influenced by elements of classical music; Keli sings it in a melodious cadence similar to ancient Chinese opera. But one would never connect the song's title with classical opera.

"It tells the story of a small worm in a tree longing for love in spring. The lyrics don't tell too much of the story, leaving listeners enough room to enjoy the process of imagination. Everybody has the right to imagine. Just like the little worm, though it is only an ordinary creature, still has the right to chase joy." (春天...但它也有快乐的)

(Masked Ball) (假面舞会)

In "Masked Ball," Keli's voice is sweet, kid-friendly and adorably wayward, rising and sinking in harmony with the flow of the song's melody. Listeners are led to an innocent fairy land - until they listen closely to the lyrics and realize it's about hypocrisy.
"Luxurious costumes, specious smiles, hug with strange people, and pretending to be easy-going. Uneasy souls, similar lies, ambiguous hearts, and making a big deal out of trifles."

Carrchy's lyrics in "Masked Ball," indicating denial of the false rules of the adult world.

(Di Da Di)

Now we are hearing "Di Da Di," another song showcasing Carrchy's creative talents. Unlike other original electro-pop music, Carrchy's songs are created in a reverse order - that is to say, background music comes first, then composition and lyrics follow. That's why their music, lyrics and tunes naturally melt into an integrated whole. Carrchy's works are often labeled as "non-mainstream," for it is generally held that such music can only be appreciated by a minority of music fans. But Fly has his own understanding,

"The original intention of our band is to make the music works that we really like, not to cater to the market. And I think there is no specific boundary for 'majority' and 'minority.' Music should not be divided by such rigid standards. I believe our music will attract more and more true music lovers, and then the so-called 'minority' will transform into 'majority.'"

Amid the passionate cheers of its fans and resplendent light, Carrchy finished its first national music tour. But for this energetic and creative young duo, the musical journey is far from over.



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