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2007-11-25 Tom Chang
    2007-11-25 14:56:32     CRIENGLISH.com

Tom Chang [Photo: ppqiu.com]

Hello and welcome to this edition of China Beat. This is Zhong Qiu. In the late 1980's, a Taiwan pop singer, Tom Chang, or Chang Yu-sheng, with his invigorating song "My Future Is not a Dream", gripped the ears and hearts of thousands of fans across the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. While thousands upon thousands of young people were spurred by the song to follow their dreams and ambitions, the gifted singer was struck down by a car accident while driving under fatigue. On 12th of November in 1997, the 31-year-old artist passed away, leaving his fans in endless regret and grief. Ten years have passed and there have been countless concerts, shows, and activities organized to commemorate this music genius. So with today's China Beat, we will contribute our time to this legendary Taiwan singer, Chang Yu-sheng.

Tom Chang broke into the music scene by winning an award in a local singing competition as the lead singer of a band "Metal Kids". In 1988, Chang, with one of his representative songs "My Future is not a Dream" off the original sound track of "Six Friend", soon brought him into the spotlight.

"Never care about what others say, never forget my promise to life and never drop my commitment to love, I believe my future is not a dream and I take every single minute of my life seriously. I believe my future is not a dream and my heart beats with the rhythm of hope." Chang moved his audience with the inspiring lyrics, as well as his persistence in pursuing his own music to bring people spiritual warmth when they shuttle through the cement forest of the modern cities. Sometimes life becomes harsh, but one should always stay optimistic and seize every moment of his precious life, as Chang told us in "My Future is not a Dream."

(Miss You Everyday)

In October 1988, Chang released his first album "Miss You Everyday". The whole album, alive with the rosiness and brightness of a young heart, was the natural outpour of the singer's sincere nature. Featuring Chang's campus-friendly demeanor and his attractive fresh voice, the album captured the hearts of millions and set a sales record of 350, 000 copies. Its widespread title song, "Miss You Everyday", soon became a big hit and brought Chang under the spotlight in the music scene ever since. "Miss you everyday and ask myself everyday, how can I convey my love to you; miss you everyday and keep you in mind everyday, always preserve my best love for you." The tune, along with its heartfelt lyrics, let out the singer's love from the bottom of his heart.


The album "Ocean", probably the biggest commercial success in Chang's singing career, claimed to have sold 6 million copies. The catchy tune, keen lyrics, and the passion of its title song "Ocean" left an inerasable impression on Chang's music fans and made it a cornerstone of his popularity on the Chinese mainland. The general meaning of its lyrics goes like this: "Your image gradually disappears from the remote sea line, your face, however, becomes more and more distinct. If the ocean can awake our previous love, I am willing to spend my whole life waiting for you; if the ocean can take away my sorrow, as it takes away every single river, all my pains, all my tears, all my love, please take them away."

(The Fish that Swims All Day Long)

Chang Yu-sheng's fifth album "The Fish that Swims All Day Long" marked the maturity of his creative talent in music. "Good Night, Sister", "Ignorant Years", "Freezing Point", these songs voiced Chang's insightful understanding of music, life and love after years of intensive contemplation on the real meaning of the world. The most popular song in the album was the title track "The Fish that Swims All Day Long". "The fish that swims all day long never ceases swimming, the person that misses you all day long never ceases loving." The softest part in a listener's heart can be easily touched by the sheer loneliness and sadness expressed by the song.

(My Most Beloved Hurts Me the Most)

Composer, rock star, poet, singer, or producer, it is hard to define Chang with a single title, for his versatility affords him opportunities to try his talents in different areas. As a producer, he helped A-mei Chang, a Taiwan native singer, to become an Asian music queen. The popular "My Most Beloved Hurts Me the Most", shows the perfect compatibility of the voices of these two music geniuses. It was one of the most touching and soul-stirring duos in the 1990's.

(Say Yes and Mean No)

Released in 1997, "Say Yes and Mean No" was Chang's last album. Now, we are hearing its title song. The poetic, picturesque and rhymed lyrics, written by the singer himself, revealed Chang's innate talent of a poet. The meaning of its words is this: "Your commitment gets dimmer and dimmer, gone with the west wind, a madman's illusion; My loving attachment becomes withered and shriveled, like a sapless flower, a spark of prairie blaze." His listeners may be amazed by the achievements he had made and touched by his belief of what music really was.

Different from the monotonous theme of romance and love that prevailed in the music scene at that time, Chang Yu-sheng made his own interpretation of human compassion in a wider extent and attempted to pursue his dreams and sing for his life bravely. Although he has left us for ten years, his music never left us for he has achieved immortality that transcends time through his music. Before we end this show dedicated to Chang Yu-sheng, we play the song of his life portraitI Wish. This is Zhong Qiu from Beijing, saying bye and hope to have you at the same time next week.



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