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Zhao Wei
    2007-10-24 13:00:34     CRIENGLISH.com

ANCHOR: Ten years ago, Zhao Wei was that big-eyed girl who came to public attention with her successful role as a cute TV character. Today, she has grown up to be a shining star whose portfolio extends from acting to singing, from commercials to charity work. An acting major in college, Zhao has been a successful singer since making her musical debut in 1999. Now please allow me to pass the microphone to Ning Yan for more about Zhao Wei the singer.

REPORTER: Zhao Wei became a household name as soon as she stepped on the screen of the TV series 'Princess Pearl' in 1999. She played the lead role of Princess Pearl, who was also called Swallow. That same year, she also set foot in the music industry and released her first album, 'Swallow'. This album included several tunes from the TV series. One of them was called 'There Is A Girl', which was originally a theme song on Princess Pearl. Her first album was relatively successful and received several awards. Zhao's musical potential was highlighted despite her immature singing style. Now let's hear more from the delightful tune, 'There Is A Girl'.

Zhao Wei released several other albums following her debut, including her second effort, 'Magic of Love', which was also released in 1999, and her third one, 'The Last Separation', in 2001. These albums sold well in China but her real musical breakthrough came three years later. After taking a three-year break from singing to focus on her acting work, Zhao Wei released the album 'Piao' in 2004, which means "as time goes by." Fans and critics alike agreed that Zhao's new album showed a more mature and expressive singing technique. "Rainy Sunday" was one of the hits from the album.

Following her success with 'Piao', Zhao released another album titled 'Double'. This album included the popular hits, 'One Tiny Part' and 'Shangguan Yan and I'. The album proved to be a hit, with Zhao being named "Most Popular Female Artist" at the 13th East Music Awards sponsored by Shanghai East Radio. We are now listening to "Shangguan Yan and I". Zhao also won Most Popular Female Artist and Most Popular Music Video for "Shangguan Yan and I" at Channel V's 12th Chinese Music Awards in 2006.

In 2007, Zhao released her seventh album, 'Angel's Suitcase'. The artist had been heavily involved in producing the album, and called it her best musical offering to date. Also, behind the new album is a production team that includes Chinese musician Li Quan and new artists. This time, the crossover entertainer says that she has passed the initial stages of "not knowing how to sing and sing well", and is now enjoying making music. So let's enjoy her music as well, as we listen to the title track, "Angel's Suitcase".



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