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Folk Songs and Gong Linna
    2007-10-03 17:12:32     CRIENGLISH.com

Time now to enjoy some music! The singer we'll introduce to you today comes from southwest China's Guizhou Province, a place famous for its variety of ethnic cultures. What about the music brought to us by this singer? Manling will tells us more.

Reporter: (music, Pick Flowers)
This is a folk song from southwest China's Sichuan Province. Entitled Pick Flowers, it expresses the sincere emotion toward relatives and friends through different flowers picked by girls in different months. Let's take a little while to enjoy it.

That was Pick Flowers performed by Gong Linna, who was born and grew up in Guizhou. Endowed with a beautiful voice and a talent for singing, she took part in an art festival in France at the young age of 12. It was then that she heard of the news about the middle school affiliated with the China Music Conservatory recruiting students. The teenaged Gong Linna simply wanted to have a try, and was unexpectedly adopted by the school.

In a new environment full of talents, Gong Linna worked harder. Every morning, she got up very early to do her vocal practice. Several years later, her efforts were rewarded with high scores in the examinations, which ensured her to continue studying in China Music Conservatory. After her graduation in 1999, Gong Linna entered the Central National Ensemble and became a solo singer. The song we'll hear next is a folk song of the Buyi ethnicity living in southwest China.
(music, Red Flower)

Bidding farewell to her days as a student, Gong Linna got a quick takeoff in her singing career. In the second year upon her graduation from college, she won the second prize in the National Youth Singers Competition, and was voted the most favorite singer by the audience. In 2002, she released her first individual album, Peacock Flying. So next, let's have a listen to a song taken from this album, which is a tune of Yi ethnicity that sings of the beautiful sceneries in spring.
(music, Spring Comes)

Never feeling contented, Gong Linna makes continuous efforts to explore the traditional singing skills and the folk music which helped her to form a unique style of sweetness and purity. As a creative and passionate person, her rendition of the music also makes the melody more touching. Alright, let's conclude today's introduction to Gong Linna with a song of Miao ethnicity, named Beautiful Hometown. Singing of the beauty and gracefulness of the mountains and the village where Miao people dwell, the song expresses their love and pursuit towards life.



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