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Another tourists' attraction is the mansion of Zhang Shiming, a rich business man who introduced Western luxuries to the traditional Chinese town. Dubbed the largest private mansion in Southeast China, the building is over 4,000 square metres. Built in the later years of the Qing Dynasty, the house combines both European and Chinese architectural styles. Most of the rooms were constructed and decorated with materials imported from France, such as mosaic glass windows. The mansion also includes a delicate garden which offers tourists a peaceful respite after visiting the house.

Other attractions include the ancient Jiaye Library, the Mandarin Garden, and ancient canals and arched stone bridges - all adding to the serene beauty of the peaceful water town.

The Zhang Mansion, house of Zhang Shiming, one of the earliest Chinese merchants involved in foreign trade during the the beginning of the 20th Century. 

Nanxun has kept the scenic views of a water town well preserved with its ancient houses while developing an atmosphere of modern times with high-rises mixed in here and there. The streets which run along the rivers criss-crossing each other create a unique view reminiscent of Venice.

With the development of the new economy, the infrastructure has been greatly improved in drainage, power supply and telecommunications. Newly built streets like Tai'an Road and Jiaye Road have become the new commercial centers of the ancient town.

In recent years, a number of cultural and recreational facilities have been built, including an indoor swimming pool, an exhibition hall, ball courts, and a children's park.

As for the best traveling tip--it is easy for a visitor to see all these tourist sites in a single day, though, to enjoy the town fully at a pace close to its own requires a stay of at least a few days.

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