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Wang Leehom, "Change My Ways"
    2007-08-22 09:54:05     CRIENGLISH.com

Broadcasting time: 2007-08-22

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another edition of "In the Spotlight".

The Cover of Wang Leehom's New Album "Change My Ways" [Photo: baidu.com]

After more than one year's break, Mando-pop singer and actor Wang Leehom has come back with his new album titled "Change My Ways". This highly-anticipated album has a retro feel to it, specifically back into the 1990s, which is also when the talented singer and songwriter started his music career. There is something else special about this new album, though, the plastic CDs feature cardboard packaging instead of plastic ones. And the CDs are sold with a pair of chopsticks made from an apparently sustainable material. All is made this way in the name of environmental protection. Well, let's now join our DJ Manli to have a listen to Leehom's latest album"Change My Ways."


Wang Leehom's latest Mandarin album is getting more and more attention since it was released in July throughout Asia. On the whole, it's an album that sings to your soul with an overall simple and unsophisticated style. The title track "Change My Ways" is very easy to follow. With an upbeat tempo and inspiring lyrics, it's easy to bob your head along to the music. There is a bit of hip hop and rock elements here and there. By the way, the music video of "Change My Ways" is something that you shouldn't miss. It's a breakthrough for Leehom as he takes on the role of a one-man, heavy metal band. He plays the bass. He plays the drums. He plays the guitar and he sings. Now please enjoy "Change My Ways."

Wang Leehom was born in the United States and moved to Taiwan after he was 20. He started his musical career at 19 as a college student. Since then, he has shone in the Asian entertainment industry's musical spotlight, not only for his songs, but also his versatility. He can play various kinds of musical instruments and is an innovator in music composition. This spares him from the fate of being a mere pop star, lending him to be hailed as a mixture of a sensitive songwriter, good singer and handsome guy. The second single in his new album is called "Fallen Leaves Return to Roots". He says he got inspired after playing a role in Ang Lee's new film "Lust, Caution," which is set in 1930's Shanghai. This is a soft piece with a moving violin solo, a very emotional song.

Most songs in Leehom's new album are soothing, toned down and easy going. The singer himself has also contributed a lot to the songwriting process. Now you are listening to a song called "Our Song". With seemingly effortless performance by the singer, "Our Song" is one of the simple and heartwarming songs with a moderato melody. It's a song that you can listen to over and over again.

In August next year, the Olympic Games will be held in China for the first time. To cheer up all the Chinese athletes attending the 2008 Games, Wang Leehom volunteered to compose a song especially dedicated to them"Long Live the Chinese." Although Leehom seeks changes in his artistic creation, he never gave up the style of music he introduced to the Mandopop scene. How about letting the music speak for itself? Good idea! So let's now feel the beat and heat in Leehom's song for the Chinese athletes taking part in the Beijing Olympics.

Shen Ting: And that wraps up today's In the Spotlight show. If you have anything to tell us, just email to spotlight@crifm.com, or write to the English Service, China Radio International, Beijing, China, postcode 100040. You can listen to the program again online by logging onto our website at www.crienglish.com. I'm Shen Ting. Thank you for being with us, and good bye for now!



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