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China Beat: Li Zhi
    2007-03-04 12:06:06     CRIENGLISH.com

Here's the song "Hanasi," which shares its name with a rather mysterious lake in Xinjiang Province.


That was "Hanasi." Li Zhi wrote that song before actually paying a visit to Xinjiang. Back then, he was living with two of his best friends. One night, while lying on his bed, a strong curiosity for the mysterious place suddenly took hold of him. He assumed the Kanasi Lake would be a very quiet place, where he could calm down and read books. Seized by the whim, Li Zhi wrote the song we've just heard.

And the next song is called "To Be with You." From the gentle intro you may instinctively know this song is about love.

(To Be with You)

I want to be with you
Till the day my love for you is lost
Im willing to die for you
As long as my love for you stays

Li Zhi says he always devotes himself to numerous things without evaluating even the slightest possibility of a loss in sequence. That's why even when he was bankrupt, he never stopped making music. Thanks to the friends around him he has achieved his goal, and the feedback he has gotten has been much better than he could have imagined.

But to a man with much dignity, it's no good feeling dependant on others help. Such a bitter mood underlies this next song, "Weng Qingnian's Six Pounds."

(Weng Qingnians Six Pounds)

This bossa nova flavored song is called "Weng Qingnian's Six Pounds." In it Li Zhi asks,

How much does your dignity cost?
What will you pay for your ideal?
Whats the worth of your perseverance?
And how about innocence?

Its seems like Li Zhi is keen on uncovering the answers to his life, probably, also the answers to many others'.

Last summer, during his short stay in Beijing, Li Zhi bought a book that left an instantaneous yet lasting impression on him. The book is called "Has Man a Future," by late Chinese thinker Liang Shuming. To Li Zhi, the title is by no means a rhetorical question. It implies no doubt nor pessimism. Rather, its a pure question, mingled with slight disappointment and unyielding hope. Back to Nanjing, Li Zhi started recording for his third album, entitled "Has Man a Future."

And here comes the title track.

(Has Man a Future)

The song you've just heard is "Has Man a Future" by Nanjing-based folk rocker Li Zhi. When I got a chance to speak to the singer, I began to realize that this album, or any album of his, has actually nothing to do with the audience. They are things in themselves, as they are the recordings of this folkies life. And mostly, they are about hope and belief.

As we end today's show, Id like to thank you for sharing some music here with me, your host Xu Jue for this edition of China Beat on China Radio International. I'll leave you with the song "We Can't Lose Our Belief" by Li Zhi. It's a song he wrote to encourage a friend who's intent on pursuing a musical career. On that note, let's hope Li Zhi himself sticks to his own musical path. Cheers and see you next week.

(We Can't Lose Our Belief)

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