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Beijing University Holds India Festival
• Monk Xuanzang--Ambassador of China-India Friendship
Towards the southeast of Patna, the capital city of Bihar state in northern India, there is a small village called Bada Gaon, in the vicinity of which lies the ruins of the famous Nalanda University, the world's first residential international university.
• Cochin--Looking for Reminders of Zheng He's Voyage to India
China and India's bilateral exchanges can be traced back to some 2000 years ago. One important entry in their bilateral history books is the story of the 14th-century Chinese voyager named Zheng He.
China-India Friendship Pictures
Mutual Visits
• Ambassador Sun Yuxi Meets with the Advance Team of CCTV Program The Trail of Monk Xuan Zang
• Ambassador Sun Yuxi Meets with India Media Delegation to Tibet and Tibetan Regions in China
• China and India Held the Seventh Round of Boundary Talks
• Speech by H.E. Mr. Sun Yuxi, Chinese Ambassador to India at the Reception to Celebrate the China-India Friendship Year
• Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's Message of Congratulations to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
• Chinese President Hu Jintao's Message of Congratulations to President of India A.P.J Abdul Kalam
Economic & Trade Exchanges
• Reopening of Border Trade Signals Warmer Ties
• China, India Reopen Historic Trade Route
• China, India to Reactivate Frontier Trade
• Sino-Indian Border Market to Open
• China-India Business Forum Held in New Delhi
• China, India Sign Five Memoranda on Energy Cooperation
Indian Film Festival Coming to China

• Asoka (2001)

• Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994)

• Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

• Mother India (1957)

• Gandhi (1982)

• Awaara (1951)
Culture Exchanges
• China, India Hold World Ecological Balance
The choices China and India make in the next few years will lead the world either down a development path based on efficient technologies and better stewardship of resources or towards a future beset by growing ecological instability, said the US-based Worldwatch Institute in its State of the World 2006 report.
• China, India Raise National Flags at Border Pass to Restart Business
China and India raised their national flags and played national anthems Thursday morning on the two sides of their borderline at Nathu La Pass.
• China, India Reopen Historic Trade Route
The barbed wire that separated the world's two most populous nations is gone and happy crowds of traders crossed the Sino-Indian border, 44 years after a border conflict closed down one of their main trade routes.
Bollywood Heading to China
• Commentary: Beyond Bollywood
• Bollywood Festival in China
• Bollywood Faces up to Changing Times
Travel in India
Taj Mahal
Sun Temple
Agra Fort
Great Living Chola Temples
China-India Ties
• China-India Relations 2004
• Important Events in 2003
• High-level Visits in 2003
• Important Events in 2002
• High-level Visits in 2002
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